About Christiana Care

Project SEARCH

Project SEARCH has over a dozen years of proven success with business partners such as hospitals and banking institutions. Project SEARCH employees contribute more than their assigned job duties; they increase employee morale and help reduce employer turnover rates. Colleagues enjoy working alongside individuals with disabilities because Project SEARCH employees want to learn, work and grow.

The goal has remained the same regardless of the location of the Project SEARCH program: to match qualified employees with open positions in a variety of settings through the provision of such on-the-job support as job coaching, adaptations & accommodations, final task divinations and travel training. The on-site job-retention staff creates a unique support system where people with disabilities can successfully maintain employment and advance in their chosen careers.

  • Collaboration with business, service agencies, and rehabilitation
  • On-site support staff who develop an expertise in the field
  • Provide immediate response and solutions to changes or problems
  • Experts productivity enhancement or accommodation and adaptation
  • Immersion into an organization in non-traditional jobs
  • Business hires individuals who have been pre-screened and are a good match