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The Christiana Care Health System team takes pride in our mission to serve our neighbors as caring and expert partners in health care. Trust is the cornerstone of our clinical partnership with our neighbors and our community. We earn that trust during each patient visit, as our neighbors entrust us to deliver their first-born child, replace an arthritic hip, perform bypass surgery on their heart, or treat their cancer.

As one of the nation’s most trusted health care providers, Christiana Care Health System makes a difference for the neighbors we are privileged to serve every day. We touch countless lives, caring for the community as respectful, expert partners in health care during more than 2 million annual patient visits. Our service to our neighbors includes routine screenings, critical surgeries and leading-edge clinical studies. Our mission of service extends to all Delawareans, serving anyone in need of medical care, regardless of their ability to pay. In 2011, we provided $28 million in charity care and more than $14 million in non-reimbursed medical services.

Clinical Excellence

Our Heart and Vascular Care, Cancer Care, Rehabilitation, Breast Health, and Alzheimer’s Care programs are nationally recognized for providing state-of-the-art, comprehensive care for our patients. Christiana Care nurses are nationally recognized with Magnet status, an honor of distinction that has been earned by only 6% of all United States hospitals.

National Leadership

Christiana Care is recognized as a national and regional leader in health care services. We are a national leader in:

  • Admissions (17th)
  • Births (26th)
  • ER visits (20th)
  • Surgeries (23rd)


Innovative Care

Christiana Care is recognized as a model in areas that are an extension of patient care, such as:

  • Going Green – Christiana Care is the first Delaware health system to receive a US Environmental Protection Agency Trailblazers Award for Environmental Leaders. Christiana Care buys electricity from a wind farm and has rolled out programs to help reduce regulated medical waste, decrease emissions in the air from power plants, and increase recycling.
  • Electronic Health Records – Christiana Care is a leader in computerized order entry and records keeping. Through our Computer Provider Order Entry (CPOE) initiative, Christiana Care promotes ease of orders and ensuring faster patient care, more efficient, and higher quality care. Our level of CPOE implementation puts us in the top tier of hospitals nationally. We also launched a pilot program in which more than 100 community physicians implement electronic health records in their practices, improving continuity of care and access for patients.
  • Service to Rural Hospitals – Rural hospitals in the nearby Maryland eCare network rely on critical care physicians and nurses at Christiana Care. We will connect to nearly 80 beds in the network, enabling a remote hospital, providing the highest level of care around the clock.
  • Dental Program – Christiana Care is committed to charitable care for the community, with the Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery and Hospital Dentistry offering uninsured and underinsured patients services at cost. For two decades, the department has provided more than 1,500 dental implant procedures, ranging from routine dental care to complex reconstructive surgery and dentistry.
  • Diversity and Inclusion – Christiana Care is dedicated to addressing the needs of our increasingly diverse population of both patients and staff, providing diversity education and support for health care providers and ensuring that language services are available for patients and families. Language services include interpreters and dual handset phones, allowing patients and providers access to interpreters at any hour in more than 150 languages. We recently launched a Spanish version of the Christiana Care website at


Join Christiana Care Health System in our mission to serve our neighbors as caring and expert partners in health care.

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