Se requiere que todos los visitantes usen mascarilla.

Por la seguridad contra COVID-19, se requiere que todos los visitantes a las instalaciones de ChristianaCare usen mascarilla. Esto incluye a visitantes que están vacunados. Antes de llegar, sírvase leer las normas de visitas.

A partir del 23 de agosto, se requiere que todos los visitantes a los hospitales estén vacunados o tengan un resultado negativo de una prueba de COVID-19.

  • Pacientes hospitalizados en los hospitales de Christiana, Wilmington, y Union pueden recibir a un visitante entre las 10 de la mañana y las 8 de la noche.
  • Una persona de apoyo podrá acompañar a los pacientes a sus citas para cirugía ambulatoria. Las personas de apoyo deben de tener 16 años o más.
  • Todos los visitantes/personas de apoyo para citas quirúrgicas deben mostrar prueba de vacunación O un resultado negativo de una prueba de COVID-19 realizada en las últimas 72 horas.

Antes de visitar, hagan clic aquí para más detalles acerca de las visitas.

Visiten o para sitios cercanos de vacunación y de pruebas.

Women's Health Care

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Caregiver Advice

Support and resources for carers, family members and loved ones

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Birth Planning

Discover which of our care options are right for you

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Breast Health

Everything you need to know about breast care, diagnosis and treatment

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Get the facts on diabetes for women and how to manage treatment and lifestyle

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Child Immunization & Screenings

Protect yourself and loved ones with pre-emptive care

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Discover how being active and eating well can keep you healthy and happy

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Sexual Health

Information on all aspects of sexual health, protection and treatment

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Depression & Anxiety

Help, information and support on all aspects of mental health and care

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Expert advice and resources for child health, care and development

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At ChristianaCare, women’s health is a priority – and so is providing all of the information and services they need to live healthy, happy lives. Our website for Women’s Health brings together our full range of integrated, high-quality health services in one place to help women get the care they need at every stage of their life.

To learn more about our women’s health services, call 302-733-6510.

Support Groups, Classes & Seminars

Support Groups, Classes & Seminars

As expert, caring partners in health, our focus is on meeting the needs of the whole woman with compassion and sensitivity throughout her lifetime - from adolescence and young adulthood, through childbearing age and motherhood, to menopause and senior years.

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Center for Women’s & Children’s Health

Opened in April 2020 on the Christiana Hospital campus, the new eight-story center is designed to support the most up-to-date models of care and improved services and space.

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