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COVID-19: New Visitation Guidelines. Click here for what to expect at ChristianaCare during COVID-19.

For Health Professionals

Achieving Competency Today (ACT)

ChristianaCare’s Achieving Competency Today (ACT): Issues in Health Care Quality, Cost, Systems, and Safety Course

Achieving Competency Today (ACT) is a graduate level interdisciplinary course, which includes modules on the following topics: performance improvement; patient safety; measurement and outcomes analysis in quality improvement; interdisciplinary team concepts; US health care system; brief history and comparison with other models; health care economics and legislation; change theory; and budgets and approval processes as they relate to conducting a performance improvement project.

The first ACT curriculum was developed by Harvard’s Partnerships for Quality Education (PQE), a national initiative of The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF). ChristianaCare joined the ranks of RWJF funded sites in 2004 and started its inaugural class in November of that year. Since then the original 4-week block curriculum has been completely redesigned and expanded to its current 12-week format, which is offered twice each year with classes starting in September and January. The ACT course has three essential components:

  • an intensive, action-based curriculum that teaches learners about systems and practice improvement;
  • interdisciplinary learning through collaboration on a performance improvement project design; and
  • connecting the learners with the institution’s executive leadership.

There is little argument that today’s clinicians need to be competent in systems-based practice and practice-based learning and improvement and in working collaboratively with colleagues from other disciplines. ChristianaCare and our nearly 30 interdisciplinary faculty members are dedicated to expanding and sharing the ACT curriculum as part of our promise to the RWJF and in support of our mission to improve health care quality.

The ACT course resources located on this Web site were created at ChristianaCare, Newark DE by the ChristianaCare course co-directors and faculty. Some of the resources have their origins in the first ACT curriculum developed by Harvard’s Partnerships for Quality Education (PQE). Others are newly created for our course. Generous support from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and ChristianaCare made the development of these resources possible. While we encourage the use and adaptation of these resources, we do request that you provide appropriate attribution, such as “Adapted from resources created by ChristianaCare for the ACT course, supported by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation funding, 2008.”

Contact information for course co-directors:

Loretta Consiglio-Ward, MSN, RN
Program Manager, The Academy
Institute for Learning, Leadership & Development (iLEAD)

Claire Rudolph
Administrative Coordinator, Quality & Safety Programs
Institute for Learning, Leadership & Development (iLEAD)