For Health Professionals

About the Center for Provider Wellbeing

  • Dr. Heather Farley
    Chief Wellness Officer
  • Dr. Vanessa Downing
    Director, Content Development & Training
  • Jessica Hinckle
    Provider Wellbeing Coordinator &
    Executive Assistant
  • Dr. Kathryn Godfrey
    Program Manager, Care for the Caregiver
  • Greta Ehrhart
    Manager of Strategic Projects
  • Dr. Mark Mason
    Resident Wellbeing Specialist
  • Dr. Samuel Van Horne
    Senior Research Associate
  • Danielle Kuhn
    Wellbeing Program Manager
  • Cheryl Botbyl
    Wellbeing Program Coordinator
  • Dr. Katie McKenna
    Hospitalist Partners
    – Provider Wellbeing Champion
  • Dr. Julie MacRae
    Perioperative Wellbeing Champion
  • Dr. Theresa Birardi
    Ambulatory Wellbeing Champion