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Care for the Caregiver

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Care for the Caregiver logoAmong the hallmark behaviors of The ChristianaCare Way are respect and compassionate care for every person. This holds true when it is one of our own colleagues who is grieving due to the experience of a traumatic or unanticipated event. In these moments, ChristianaCare responds with outreach and compassion when a colleague becomes a “wounded healer” or “second victim.”

The Care for the Caregiver team responds if you are experiencing stress following an adverse patient event. Our goal is to help our health care team members understand what is known about the second victim phenomenon and help employees quickly return to their satisfying professional practice. The program is open to any ChristianaCare employee or Medical-Dental staff member working at any of our facilities.

The Care for the Caregiver Team

The Care for the Caregiver team is comprised of volunteers from a variety of disciplines, including attending physicians, resident physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, chaplains, and patient care technicians. The Care for the Caregiver team members have been trained in peer support and were selected because of their high level of competence in helping second victims.

If you or a colleague need urgent assistance following an adverse event, Vocera web page “Care for the Caregiver” (page ID #1239). 

The following resources can help you learn more about the Care for the Caregiver program: