Commitment to Clinician Wellbeing and Resilience  

ChristianaCare Health System is fully dedicated to the wellbeing of our providers, staff and community. We strive to foster an optimal clinical environment for working, learning and providing excellent care. Our commitment is reflected in our mission, articulated by The ChristianaCare Way:

“We serve our neighbors as respectful, expert, caring partners in their health. We do this by creating innovative, effective, affordable systems of care that our neighbors value.”

Delivering on ChristianaCare’s mission calls for health care providers to be at their best. A growing body of evidence demonstrates the need for health care organizations to focus attention on clinicians’ work-life integration, professional fulfillment and overall wellbeing. This approach optimizes the health of our clinicians and our patients.

The time is right for forward-thinking academic health centers to proactively address provider wellbeing and engage trainees directly in those wellbeing initiatives.

The OASIS room on 3E Medical ICU offers caregivers a range of comforts, from simple lounge chair to a miniature zen garden, to a massage from a high-tech recliner.

At ChristianaCare, we embrace the Quadruple Aim of better health and improved patient experience at lower cost – with clinicians who find joy and meaning in their work. To help our clinicians achieve this, we are investing in their health, fulfillment and resilience, employing a comprehensive approach with support, education and research.

ChristianaCare has established a Center for Provider Wellbeing, spearheading efforts to improve clinicians’ personal resilience from internship through expert levels, promote a culture of wellbeing, improve the experience of providing care in our organization and contribute to the body of evidence on provider wellbeing through research and measurement.

When clinicians are supported and feel fulfilled in their work, they can do their best to provide the highest quality care for their patients. We commit to supporting one another and we strive to promote clinician wellbeing and a system where this is achievable.