Flu season visitor restriction – age 16 or older (Restricción de visitantes durante la Temporada de Influenza (Flu) – Mayores de 16 años.)

Flu Season Visitor Restriction

Visitors temporarily restricted to age 16 or older

As a safety first organization, ChristianaCare is implementing a temporary visitation age restriction starting Tuesday, Jan. 21. This temporary restriction protects patients, their loved ones and health care workers during this time of extremely high number of influenza cases and other respiratory illnesses circulating in our community.

The new restrictions limit visitors to patients in Christiana and Wilmington hospitals to persons age 16 or older. Children and teens younger than 16 years are most likely to get the flu and remain contagious longer than adults. This restriction does not apply to outpatient and ambulatory services.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

For more information about the Flu visit our Health Library.

Restricción de visitantes durante la Temporada de Influenza (Flu)

Temporalmente solo se permiten los visitantes mayores de 16 años.

Como una organización que promueve la seguridad ante todo, ChristianaCare está implementando una restricción temporal en la edad de visitantes a partir del viernes 21 de enero. Esta restricción temporal protege a los pacientes, a sus seres queridos y al personal de cuidados de salud durante esta época con un número extremadamente alto de casos de influenza y de otras enfermedades respiratorias que circulan en nuestra comunidad.

Las nuevas restricciones, en los hospitales Christiana y Wilmington, sólo permiten visitas a pacientes de personas mayores de 16 años. Los niños y adolescentes menores de 16 años son más propensos a contraer el flu y son contagiosos por más tiempo que los adultos. Esta restricción no aplica a las áreas de servicios ambulatorios.

Gracias por su comprensión y cooperación.

Para más información sobre la gripe, visite nuestra Biblioteca de Salud.

For Health Professionals

Resources for Physicians & Advanced Practice Clinicians

Support Resources

  • In case of an emergency or urgent need, call Vital WorkLife at 877-731-3949. Vital provides 24/7 confidential counseling on demand. To access support right away for yourself or a colleague, call Vital and ask the customer service representative to connect you with a counselor immediately. The service is completely confidential and free to all members of ChristianaCare’s Medical-Dental staff and their families. Vital WorkLife also offers behavioral health, peer coaching, and work-life assistance (concierge) services. To learn more, visit (Username: CCHS, Password: member), or call 877-731-3949.
  • Resource Liaison Line: 302-319-1304. Our confidential in-house Resource Liaison Line offers referrals to mental health and wellbeing services such as counseling/psychotherapy, psychiatric care and coaching. Calls to the Resource Liaison Line are typically returned by a member of our staff within 24 hours. In case of emergency or urgent need, please call Vital Worklife at 877-731-3949.
  • The Care for the Caregiver Peer Support Program offers assistance following an adverse event.
  • Aetna’s Employee Assistance Program, Resources for Living, provides confidential resources to support employees in achieving a healthy lifestyle through 24/7 telephone consultation and access to skilled counselors in the community. Counseling related to child care, elder care, legal issues, financial matters, pet care, and other work/life balance matters is available. Call 1-800-701-0779 or visit (username: ChristianaCare, password: EAP).
  • The Provider Litigation Support Program promotes understanding of the legal process and support for the associated stress through the use of Provider Litigation Mentors and Educational Reading.

Wellbeing & Resiliency Development Resources

For Individuals:

  • Peer Coaching Services are available through Vital Worklife.
  • Paws to De-Stress – On a quarterly basis, the Center for Provider Wellbeing helps our extraordinary people connect with their stress-reducing furry friends. Watch a video and learn more.

  • Thank You Project – Hosted by the The Center for Provider Wellbeing, this project to helps patients and their families express their thanks and appreciation to the caregivers who touched their lives.
    • See a video explaining the Thank You Project.
    • See photos from ChristianaCare’s own Thank You Project interactions.
  • Resilient Leader Series – The Resilient Leader Series is designed to provide leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to develop resiliency and restore joy and meaning in work for you and your team. The series is held quarterly, and led by Dr Lani Nelson-Zlupko, who received her bachelor’s degree from Harvard University, and her master’s and doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Work and Social Policy. Dr. Nelson-Zlupko has helped numerous Fortune 500 companies as well as local and national non-profit and small business organizations manage crises, plan for and carry out transitions, manage and redirect challenging interpersonal situations, and effectively lead the people they serve.
  • Senior Physician Advisory Group – The Senior Physician Advisory Group was established to foster an environment which values and supports senior physicians as they consider career transitions, and during retirement.
  • COMPASS – The goal of the COMPASS (Clinician-Organized Meetings to Promote and Sustain Satisfaction) initiative is to encourage physician collegiality, shared experience, mutual support, and meaning in work to decrease burnout and promote wellbeing. Each COMPASS group consists of 6-8 physicians who meet over a 6-month period to share a meal while a facilitator leads discussion on topics such as medical mistakes and the wounded healer, personal and professional balance, and finding sources of meaning.
  • The Physician Engagement Council meets monthly to discuss ongoing and emerging issues in health care. Attendees include the community physician representatives to the service line leadership teams, elected medical Dental staff officers, several additional engaged physicians, and key leaders from CCHS. The Council serves as a focal point for vital conversations, a crossroads for our pluralistic physician staff, and an opportunity to create value for all participants and their constituents.
  • Gender Equity Task Force – The Gender Equity Task Force looks at various aspects of the challenges and characteristics inherent in being a female physician in the Christiana Health Care System. Our goal is to initiate projects that enhance the efficacy, fulfillment, and overall wellbeing of our women physicians. Examples in progress include networking and mentoring opportunities, raising awareness of implicit bias, and sharing ideas of how to support female colleagues. We plan to replicate the most successful ideas throughout the institution for the benefit of all caregivers.

For Teams:

  • OASIS Project – The OASIS Project is a multifaceted approach to build resilience within care teams. The OASIS model emphasizes the process of mentoring embedded staff members over the course of 6-12 months to become on-site experts who bring content directly to their colleagues during the course of the work day. First rolled out on the MICU as a pilot in late 2015, the OASIS Project is expanding to sites across the ChristianaCare Health System. Interested units and workgroups are encouraged to contact us about bringing the OASIS model to their teams.
  • Reflective Rounds – The Center for Professional Wellbeing offers monthly Reflective Rounds for the outpatient Palliative Care Team, where staff members are given a protected environment to explore their reactions to their work. Reflective Rounds provide an opportunity for clinicians to identify the meaning and values that drive their work, as well as explore paths to fulfillment and self-care with their colleagues in a supportive setting.
  • Hotspotting – Hotspotting is a targeted work unit intervention to identify actionable items which will reduce physician and APC burnout and improve work satisfaction.
  • EHR User Experience Group – The task force will partner with Medical Informatics to drive improvements in the acute care physician and APC EHR user experience, and with External Affairs/Physician Relations to communicate successes. The initial focus will be on the CCHP EHR user experience, with planned expansion of scope based upon learnings from initial work and data analysis.
  • ChristianaCare Way Rounds – ChristianaCare Way Rounds are designed for you – our caregivers – to offer an opportunity to reflect and learn from those we partner with in care. This quarterly series of conversations helps us to grow as professionals and better support each other to be expert, caring partners in the health of our neighbors.
  • Additional Resources

Extra Resources for Provider Leaders

Watch this four minute video from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement to gain a general overview of how leaders can help create “joy in work” for their workforce.

Dr. Lani Nelson-Zlupko is an excellent licensed therapist offering both 1:1 Executive Coaching and Small Group Coaching for Women Physician Leaders.

In addition to behavioral health and work-life assistance (concierge) services, Vital WorkLife offers:

To learn more, visit (Username: CCHS, Password: member), or call 877-731-3949.

The Physician Leadership Network (PLN) aims to develop a structured network of physician leaders within the ChristianaCare Health System who will serve as the foundation for an interconnected physician leadership community dedicated to learning efficiently and effectively together through active collaboration.
The Physician Professionalism Council (PPC) is body of physician leaders that come together on a regular basis to socialize, network and discuss issues of importance to the health system. There are four focus areas for the PPC:

  1. Education/Training.
  2. Professional Development.
  3. Research.
  4. Setting Standards/Formulating Policies.
Helpful Articles for Leaders: