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Center for Outcomes Research

The Christiana Care Center for Outcomes Research is a research center with a dual focus on epidemiological research and analysis of outcomes—in all fields of medicine. In addition, it is a data-coordinating center for a number of large and small clinical trials in the area of cardiovascular diagnostics and therapeutics.

The Center features:

  • Specific expertise in the evaluation of quality of life, economic and cost-effectiveness endpoints.
  • Multidisciplinary approach to research with faculty including clinical researchers from the departments of Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Oncology, Traumatology of Christiana Health Care Services, and researchers from the University of Delaware.
  • Collaborations with investigators at other Institutions both nationally and internationally.


  • To promote and conduct research aimed at improving patient care and/or informing health care policy.

  • To provide service and education in broad areas of clinical, epidemiologic, translational, and outcomes research.


  • To foster and support research with the purpose of contributing to the continual evolution of evidence based medicine.

  • To provide epidemiologic and analytic resources to improve understanding of outcomes at Christiana Care.

  • To provide design, data handling and analytic resources for assisting investigators throughout the Christiana Care Health Care System.

  • To develop clinical, epidemiologic, translational and outcomes projects, which may be internal, industry funded or peer-reviewed.


  • Protocol conceptualization and development.
  • Biostatistics/Epidemiology.
    • Standard descriptive and inferential statistics.
    • General and generalized linear models.
    • Survival analysis.
    • Multivariate analysis.
    • Classification and tree regression.
    • Propensity score methods.
    • Bayesian analysis.
    • Multiple imputation of missing data.
    • Cluster analysis.
    • Cost-effectiveness analysis.
  • Data management.
    • CRF creation (Teleform®).
    • Database design and programming.
      • Access front-end.
      • SQL server.
    • Data entry.
      • Teleform®-verfication of 100% of the field.
      • Access hand-keyed data entry—double data entry.
    • Data auditing.
      • Random sample of 10 percent of data.
      • Sample compared with the paper forms.
      • If the error > 0.1%, additional samples should be checked for data accuracy and corrected until the error falls below 0.1%.
    • Reporting.
    • Daily automatic back-up to an off-site server.
  • Data mining.

Christiana Care Center for Outcomes Research (CCOR)
4755 Ogletown-Stanton Road, Suite 2E55, Newark, DE 19718