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Over the years, Christiana Care Health System has had the privilege of working with community physicians to offer exceptional care to our neighbors. With dramatic changes in health care upon us, Christiana Care believes it is time to join forces with respected community and regional partners in the design of a more patient centered, population-focused model of care to deliver greater quality and value. As a result, Christiana Care has taken a leadership role in the creation of Christiana Care Quality Partners.

Through this new entity, Christiana Care seeks to partner with physician colleagues to develop a clinically integrated network. Clinical integration brings together physicians, the hospital and other health care providers to develop and sustain clinical initiatives that improve access to care, clinical quality, cost control and the patient experience by:

  • Coordinating the continuum of care across affiliated caregivers, including employed, contracted and partnered community physicians
  • Implementing evidence-based clinical protocols to enhance patient outcomes
  • Establishing a meaningful set of quality measures to review clinical care and improve clinical performance
  • Achieving efficiencies in the delivery of care
  • Partnering with payors to develop contracts that drive definable clinical improvement and add value to patients.

Christiana Care Health System’s nearly 11,000 employees and their dependents (a total of 18,000 covered lives) will be the first members of the Christiana Care Quality Partners network, effective July 2014. Community physicians who choose to participate become participating providers in the network and the preferred providers to these members.

To help establish this new model of care, Christiana Care sought the collaboration of a not-for-profit, value-based health management company that supports the objectives of clinical integration. Christiana Care’s partnership with nationally recognized Geisinger Health Plan for third party administration of claims payment services will help develop an exceptionally strong network of care with the following hallmarks:

  • Population Health Management – Christiana Care Quality Partners network providers will implement a population-based approach to care delivered to network members in such areas as heart failure, diabetes, hypertension and asthma care.
  • Data Analytics and Reporting – Christiana Care Quality Partners network providers will receive regular member and provider reports to develop plans for their own needs and to help advance the health of network members.

Physicians who join Christiana Care Quality Partners benefit by receiving access to enhanced health services support such as an on-site case management nurse when membership reaches an appropriate level and telephonic disease and case management.

Better care, better health, better cost

Consistent with national trends, Christiana Care Quality Partners intends to structure reimbursement models to incorporate performance and value-based pay methods to focus on achieving quality, efficiency and cost-management measures.

Many observers describe the current health care environment as a “magic moment in time” due to the opportunity it presents to transform the health care delivery landscape. Christiana Care believes there is no better moment to partner on a new model of care that aligns with the Triple Aim championed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement:

  • Produce better care for individuals
  • Produce better health for populations
  • Lower per capita health care costs

Christiana Care welcomes physician colleagues who wish to participate in Christiana Care Quality Partners – a partnership for success benefiting our patients, providers, hospitals, insurers and our community.

Benefits of a clinically integrated network


  • Improved safety
  • Improved quality of health care
  • Better access to the latest proven techniques and treatments
  • Streamlined interactions with health care system—less waiting and duplication
  • Fully informed physicians and medical staff


  • Access to complete patient information
  • Ability to deliver higher quality care
  • Ability to monitor patient compliance
  • Ability to sell combined services of network to payors, making independent practice more viable, especially for small practices

Two doctors discussing patient.Hospitals

  • Higher degree of effective collaboration
  • Improved clinical quality and patient safety
  • Base of independent physicians aligned with hospital
  • Ability to manage costs
  • Differentiation in the market as high quality provider


  • Higher subscriber satisfaction
  • Cost efficiencies and savings
  • Higher quality health care for subscribers
  • Easy access to objective utilization data


  • Containment of health care costs
  • Healthier employees Community
  • Ability to maintain independent physician practices
  • Better health care
  • Ability to recruit medical talent to area
  • Reduced costs

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