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Patients & Visitors

Accessibility and Special Needs


If you need assistance, stop by the main information desk or ask a member of the care team on the patient unit.

Service animals

Only dogs and miniature horses are considered service animals. Patients and visitors with disabilities who require the help of a service animal may bring it to the hospital following these guidelines:

  • We request that service animals wear a tag identifying them as a service animal.
  • Hospital staff are not responsible for caring for or controlling service animals.
  • Service animals may not visit dining areas, lobbies or other common areas unless accompanied by the person who needs their assistance.
  • Visitors with service animals may visit only their loved one, not other patients’ rooms. A visitor with a service animal should check with the patient’s nurse when arriving on the unit.
  • Other support animals, including therapy animals, emotional support animals and comfort animals, are not considered service animals under the Americans with Disabilities Act and are not permitted in the hospital.