Flu season visitor restriction – age 16 or older (Restricción de visitantes durante la Temporada de Influenza (Flu) – Mayores de 16 años.)

Flu Season Visitor Restriction

Visitors temporarily restricted to age 16 or older

As a safety first organization, ChristianaCare is implementing a temporary visitation age restriction starting Tuesday, Jan. 21. This temporary restriction protects patients, their loved ones and health care workers during this time of extremely high number of influenza cases and other respiratory illnesses circulating in our community.

The new restrictions limit visitors to patients in Christiana and Wilmington hospitals to persons age 16 or older. Children and teens younger than 16 years are most likely to get the flu and remain contagious longer than adults. This restriction does not apply to outpatient and ambulatory services.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

For more information about the Flu visit our Health Library.

Restricción de visitantes durante la Temporada de Influenza (Flu)

Temporalmente solo se permiten los visitantes mayores de 16 años.

Como una organización que promueve la seguridad ante todo, ChristianaCare está implementando una restricción temporal en la edad de visitantes a partir del viernes 21 de enero. Esta restricción temporal protege a los pacientes, a sus seres queridos y al personal de cuidados de salud durante esta época con un número extremadamente alto de casos de influenza y de otras enfermedades respiratorias que circulan en nuestra comunidad.

Las nuevas restricciones, en los hospitales Christiana y Wilmington, sólo permiten visitas a pacientes de personas mayores de 16 años. Los niños y adolescentes menores de 16 años son más propensos a contraer el flu y son contagiosos por más tiempo que los adultos. Esta restricción no aplica a las áreas de servicios ambulatorios.

Gracias por su comprensión y cooperación.

Para más información sobre la gripe, visite nuestra Biblioteca de Salud.

Patients & Visitors

Accessibility and Special Needs


If you need assistance, stop by the main information desk or ask a member of the care team on the patient unit.

Service animals

Only dogs and miniature horses are considered service animals. Patients and visitors with disabilities who require the help of a service animal may bring it to the hospital following these guidelines:

  • We request that service animals wear a tag identifying them as a service animal.
  • Hospital staff are not responsible for caring for or controlling service animals.
  • Service animals may not visit dining areas, lobbies or other common areas unless accompanied by the person who needs their assistance.
  • Visitors with service animals may visit only their loved one, not other patients’ rooms. A visitor with a service animal should check with the patient’s nurse when arriving on the unit.
  • Other support animals, including therapy animals, emotional support animals and comfort animals, are not considered service animals under the Americans with Disabilities Act and are not permitted in the hospital.