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At ChristianaCare, everything we do is For the Love of Health™, and that focus has guided our response throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We have redesigned how we deliver care to keep our patients and caregivers safe, while providing the high-quality care that our community needs and deserves. This includes greatly expanded options for virtual care and telehealth visits, as well as guidelines that support social distancing, wearing masks, a clean environment and limited numbers of patients and visitors to ensure safety. Learn More

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Ethics Consultation Service

ChristianaCare provides an ethics consultation service for you and your family. Our consultation team consists of doctors, nurses, clergy, legal/risk experts, and professional ethicists. If you are experiencing difficulties such as treatment disagreement with your doctors, confusion over what decision you should make for your family too sick to speak for themselves, and need for help and guidance on any moral and ethical questions or problems, please request an ethics consultation.

If you would like to arrange the consultation, your doctor and nurse can make the arrangements for you, or you can just call ChristianaCare Information Desk by calling 302-733-1000 and ask the operator that you want to speak with the ethics team available 24-hours-a-day.