Patient & Visitor Guide

Telephone Service

Your bedside telephone service is free.

To call outside the hospital: Dial “8,” wait and listen for a dial tone, then dial the desired number.

To make a call to another room or office within the hospital: Dial the last four digits of the phone number. To reach an office in Christiana Hospital from Wilmington Hospital (or vice versa), you must dial “8” and the full phone number as a local call. Please see the telephone directory or dial “0” for operator assistance if you cannot find the number you need.

Long-distance calls cannot be charged to your hospital room. You may dial toll-free numbers directly by dialing “8” plus “1” and the toll-free number you are trying to reach. To call collect or bill to your home telephone number, dial “8” plus “0” and the long distance number you are trying to reach.