Patient & Visitor Guide

Your Health Care Team

The care you receive at ChristianaCare is truly a team effort. We bring together the key components of complete, compassionate care: a dedicated medical staff, efficient support personnel and the latest technology.

Your health care team practices safety when handling blood or body fluids because any fluid has potential for transmitting infection. For the safety and well-being of ChristianaCare patients and staff, this might include wearing gloves, gowns, masks, goggles or a face shield in certain situations. ChristianaCare practices approved handwashing, another important step in stopping the spread of infection.

Medical Staff

There are more than 1,400 doctors on staff at ChristianaCare who provide personal and professional care for our patients.

Your attending physician or hospitalist will be primarily responsible for your care during your hospital stay. He or she will admit you and may issue orders for your care and treatment, consult other doctors to help in your care, determine which tests and examinations are necessary to diagnose your condition, prescribe treatments and medications you will receive and determine when you are ready to be discharged. Your doctor may issue visiting and dietary restrictions if necessary.

Nursing Staff

The member of your health care team you are likely to see most often will be your nurse. ChristianaCare employs a highly skilled, caring staff of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and patient-care technicians. Your nurse manager will be involved in planning and managing your care. Our nurses will check on you day and night to monitor your condition and progress.

Private-Duty Nurses

Private-duty nurses can be ordered for you during your stay if you and your doctor decide their care is warranted and desirable. ChristianaCare does not employ private-duty nurses. They must be engaged and paid directly by you. Private-duty nurses do not work in the intensive-care unit.

Food and Nutrition Services

The Food and Nutrition Services staff is an important part of your health care team. Clinical dietitians, dietetic technicians and clerks, as well as the hosts/hostesses who serve your meals, work closely with other staff to provide for your nutrition and meal-service needs. Our staff will assist you daily with your meal selections. Depending on your nutritional status and medical condition, your doctor may prescribe a special diet for you. We may need to adjust your menu choices to comply with your ordered diet. If you are on a restricted diet, please check with your nurse before consuming foods brought in by visitors.

Kosher and vegetarian meals are available at your request. If you have any questions or concerns with your meal service or about your diet, please ask your nurse to contact Food and Nutrition Services on your behalf.


A pharmacist is available at each of our retail pharmacy locations to answer questions and fill prescriptions.

Social Workers

Because hospitalization can be a trying time that often causes lifestyle changes, social workers are available in both hospitals to help you and your family with any social, emotional or environmental needs you have during and following your hospital stay. By working closely with other members of your health care team, social workers can assist you with discharge planning and connect you with helpful community resources.

Spiritual Care

Spiritual needs may be as important to you as physical needs. At ChristianaCare, staff chaplains work closely with other members of your health care team. Our chaplains come from a variety of religious traditions but maintain an interfaith approach in their pastoral care. They can help you to: maintain spiritual well being through prayer, support and sacraments; deal with difficult questions; cope with loss; renew strength and hope; and give thanks. In addition to our staff chaplains, there is an active Catholic ministry that includes priests, deacons and eucharistic ministers who work closely with our chaplains.

We encourage your own clergy or members of your faith community to visit you during your stay. Spiritual support is also available from community faith leaders. Non-denominational Christian worship services are held each Sunday in the chapels at Christiana and Wilmington hospitals for patients and visitors. Weekly Catholic Mass is also celebrated at both hospitals.


ChristianaCare is fortunate to have the services of hundreds of volunteers and Junior Board members who contribute thousands of hours of service every year. They escort and read to patients, entertain children and perform an endless variety of important services that enhance our patient care. Specially trained volunteers in our Emergency Departments and Intensive Care Units give information and emotional support to patients’ loved ones.

Other ChristianaCare Employees

While you will see many ChristianaCare employees as they contribute directly to your day-to-day care, there are hundreds more that you won’t see. Technicians and technologists perform countless tests that help your physician diagnose your condition. Environmental Services and maintenance personnel keep our grounds and buildings clean and in good condition. Textile services employees clean thousands of pounds of laundry each year. Telephone operators, records technicians, clerks, secretaries and other office personnel handle a multitude of important tasks that keep us running. As appropriate, students in several professional health education programs will assist in your care under the direction of our professionals. All of these people are instrumental in the operation of ChristianaCare.

Public Safety

Our own uniformed security force oversees all traffic throughout ChristianaCare. Security officers are constantly alert to situations that appear unusual. For your safety and protection, ChristianaCare also routinely conducts fire drills and safety programs to train and re-train its personnel in the special techniques they need to meet any emergency or disaster occurring within our hospitals.