Helen F. Graham Cancer Center
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Access-to-Care Programs

Everyone should be able to get the tests and services needed for cancer prevention and treatment, no matter where they live. But arranging for and accessing screenings can sometimes be confusing and difficult. The key to saving lives from cancer is screening for early detection, and that means that we must break down the barriers to access.

To make it easier for people to get the screenings they need, our dedicated nurses and health professionals serve as personal guides—patient navigators—who help people through the maze of decisions about where to go, what tests to get, what forms to fill out, how to get financial support and how to gain access to follow-up services if needed. In addition:

  • We actively promote Delaware’s Screening for Life program, getting the word out about funds that are available for people who need to get screened for breast cancer, cervical cancer, colorectal cancer or prostate cancer.
  • To bring the possibility of early detection to women in need and help them maintain good breast health, we participate in the Pink Ribbon Navigator program. This links women with a staff member who serves as a personal guide in finding community resources and funding for mammograms and other needed care.

Community Health Outreach and Education Program
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