Center for Community Health

Health Ambassadors

Health Ambassadors guide families on the path to good health.

If you are pregnant, a mom or dad, or are thinking about having a baby, a health ambassador can connect you with resources in the community to help you raise a healthy family.

Our program promotes good health before pregnancy and provides information to help prevent premature births, a leading cause of death in newborn babies. The health ambassadors also promote key maternal and child health messages including the benefits of breastfeeding and the importance of safe sleep.

The health ambassadors work in targeted high risk zip codes to connect pregnant women and young families to health care, social services, home visiting and educational programs. The health ambassadors work with community partners including Henrietta Johnson Medical Center, St. Francis Healthcare, Westside Family Healthcare and the Wilmington Hospital Health Center.

The health ambassador program was founded by Christiana Care’s Department of Family & Community Medicine, Center for Community Health, and the Wilmington Consortium, with funding from the Delaware Division of Public Health.

For more information about the Health Ambassadors, call 302-320-6582.

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