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Center for Heart & Vascular Health

Heart Failure Outpatient Center

The Heart Failure Outpatient Center offers personal appointments with  a team experienced in caring for people with heart failure. Our team includes: heart failure physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, supportive and palliative care specialists and behavioral health specialists. They work closely with your primary cardiologist to ensure that you are receiving the best care possible. You will continue to have regular appointments with your cardiologist.

At the Heart Failure Outpatient Center, you will receive a complete physical examination, and your caregiver will review your medications to ensure that you are getting the maximum benefit without potential side effects. You will also receive counseling and education about:

  • Recognizing signs of worsening heart failure.
  • Making lifestyle changes to help you manage your disease.
  • Understanding how and why you should cut back on salt and possibly fluids.
  • Checking your weight daily.
  • Knowing when to call your doctor.
Heart Failure Outpatient Center
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