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For COVID-19 safety, all visitors to ChristianaCare facilities and services are required to wear masks. This includes visitors who are vaccinated. Please read our visitor guidelines before arrival.

Major I-95 roadwork. Plan ahead for your good health.

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Medical Home Without Walls

Medical Home Without Walls is not an actual place, but a team of people who can answer your health questions. We can help you understand how to stay healthy and show you where to go for health care in your neighborhood.

The goal of Medical Home Without Walls is to identify people who need extra help and connect them with a team that coordinates their medical care, as well as psychological and social needs such as food, housing and transportation.

Medical Home Without Walls can help you feel better by:

  • Finding out what is making you sick.
  • Finding the right people to help you.
  • Going with you to your visits.
  • Teaching you how to take your medicine.

Medical Home Without Walls can help you stay healthy by:

  • Working with you to make health goals.
  • Teaching you about food, exercise and healthy choices.
  • Showing you how to be in control of your health.
  • Finding places in your neighborhood that can help with health care, food, housing, clothing, transportation and other things you might need.

Medical Home Without Walls can help you understand the health care system by:

  • Helping you find ways to pay for health care.
  • Showing you how to fill out forms.
  • Helping you schedule visits with your doctor.

Our caring team will listen to you and help you. Together, we will make a good plan for you to feel better and to stay better.

For information, call 302-428-6265.