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Conquering Chronic Pain Program

Chronic pain doesn’t just hurt. It can put lives on hold. Many who suffer from chronic pain — pain initially caused by an injury or illness that lasts longer than six months — also must deal with secondary complications that make the problem worse. When pain is unrelenting, it’s hard to sleep. When we don’t sleep well, it’s hard to be at our best during the day. When job performance is affected, financial problems may follow, which causes us to worry and lose sleep. It becomes a vicious cycle. Chronic pain can lead to stress, anxiety, fear, irritability, even feelings of guilt for not being able to participate in normal activities. And those things only make the pain worse.

Chronic pain is a particular problem for those recovering from traumatic injury, diabetes, fibromyalgia, amputation and a nerve disorder known as reflex sympathetic dystrophy. When pain becomes chronic, is still present even after the physical injury has healed. The brain continues to interpret all sensations from the problem areas as painful, signaling pain sensations long after the injury heals.

Our skilled physical and occupational therapists can help you manage chronic pain through:


Understanding chronic pain, how it occurs and what you can do about it is an important first step in managing pain and easing back into normal daily activities.

Strengthening and flexibility exercise

Strength and flexibility training helps decrease pain by reducing strain on the body.

Manual therapy

Specific, gentle hand-on kneading techniques, such as manipulation, mobilization and massage, increase range of motion and reduce pain.

Posture awareness and body mechanics

We’ll teach you proper ways to improve your posture and adjust movements to reduce pain and increase your ability to function.