Industrial Health Services

When local business owners need occupational health services to ensure a safe and healthy workplace, they turn to ChristianaCare Rehabilitation Services. We have decades of experience in workplace safety and injury prevention to help businesses keep their employees healthy and productive:

  • Pre-employment screenings help determine if a potential hire is able to physically perform functions essential to the specific job.
  • Functional-capacity evaluation help ensure that an employee is physically and functionally able to do a job, needs accommodation on the job or is able to return to work after injury or illness.
  • Work conditioning helps injured employees regain strength and movement in order to safely return to the workplace. This goal-oriented program provides education, exercise and therapy in a simulated work environment.
  • Work-site analysis of your job site by our trained staff provides useful guidance to improve worker safety and reduce injury costs. We can perform whole-site analysis or individual work-station analysis. We also offer stretching and activity guidelines to reduce employees muscle fatigue.