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Rehabilitation Services

Women’s Physical Therapy

Women can do anything that men can do. But there is no arguing that our bodies are different. That’s why it is so important to choose a physical therapy program that specializes in rehabilitation services uniquely designed for women.

Our professional approach in a comfortable, private environment helps women improve their strength, flexibility and mobility at every stage of life:

Pelvic Pain

Our thorough evaluation helps pinpoint areas of discomfort for effective pain relief caused by weak or tight pelvic muscles, or if there is an impairment of the sacroilliac joint in the pelvis, lower back, tailbone or hip joint. Treatments may include soft-tissue and joint mobilization, biofeedback, electrical stimulation and exercise.

Pregnancy and Post-Partum Pain Relief

We’ll show you safe exercise techniques to improve mobility and keep you fit and strong during pregnancy, and once you start chasing after that little one. For expectant mothers, we can help with relief for neck and lower-back pain, carpal tunnel pain and foot problems. After delivery, we’ll help you recover abdominal muscle control, relieve postpartum discomfort and minimize cesarean scarring.


A personalized exercise program can help you increase bone mass, strength, balance and mobility to keep you feeling fit and strong and standing tall as you age.

Urinary or Fecal Incontinence

By targeting specific pelvic-floor muscle problems with treatment that includes electrical stimulation, biofeedback and exercises, we can help you to retrain muscles and minimize that leaking or “falling out” sensation. By the way, incontinence is not just a women’s problem. We can help men, as well.

Sports Medicine and Conditioning

Female athletes who are recovering from a sports-related injury, or who need conditioning, can benefit from advances in sports medicine and customized athletic training, including functional testing and biomechanical and isokinetic evaluations. Our staff is trained to address the sports-specific requirements of the female athlete at any age to help you reach your full potential.