Perioperative Evaluation & Treatment Service (POETS)

Perioperative Evaluation & Treatment Service (POETS)

As you prepare for surgery, ChristianaCare’s new Perioperative Evaluation & Treatment Service — we call it POETS — helps to make sure everyone involved in your care has all of the information needed for a safe and successful surgery. This includes your surgeon, your specialists, your primary care physician, and the doctors, nurses and staff who will care for you while you are in the hospital.

Planning your Care

Once you are scheduled for surgery, you may receive a phone call from a ChristianaCare pre-op nurse who will ask you several screening questions. The answers you provide will give your surgeon and medical team important information as they plan your care.

Meet your POETS Team

If we need more information about your health to help prepare for your surgery, you may receive a second phone call from a staff assistant with the POETS program to schedule an appointment with our specially trained Perioperative Evaluation and Treatment Team. Patient appointments typically include seeing:

  • Hospitalist – a medical doctor who oversees your care during your hospital stay.
  • Nurse Practitioner – assesses and follows up on care items.
  • Anesthesia team member – involved based on your medical factors and your type of surgery.

What to Expect

Your POETS appointment will include:

  • Physical exam.
  • Review of your health history, past surgeries and current medications.
  • Assessment of cardiovascular, pulmonary, diabetes and anemia risks.
  • Instructions for the day of surgery.
  • Educational materials to help guide your care:
    • What to expect before your surgery.
    • What to expect while you are in the hospital.
    • What you will need to do once you return home to reduce your risk of complications as well as to recognize and get help for complications.

The POETS appointment takes about one hour. Please bring a family member or friend with you to this appointment to help you think of questions and to help you remember all the important information that is shared. You also may be sent for additional lab tests. POETS may be calling you after the appointment to follow-up on lab work and tests.

Your POETS team will share information from your appointment with your primary care physician, specialists and surgeon to ensure you are ready for surgery and to equip them with all of the information they need to provide the best possible care. Your POETS team also may visit you in the hospital after surgery to ensure that your recovery is successful and that you understand all of your doctors’ instructions to help you progress safely and comfortably at home.

Program Benefits

Programs like POETS often:

  • Better prepare you for surgery.
  • Reduce the chance of your surgery being cancelled.
  • Help you recover faster.
  • Shorten your hospital stay.
  • Decrease the risk of complications.

Patient Resources

The ChristianaCare POETS team looks forward to preparing you for a safe, successful surgery and a quick, complication-free recovery. Call 302-733-7370 or email for additional information.

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