COVID-19: New Visitation Guidelines. Click here for what to expect at ChristianaCare during COVID-19.


COVID-19: New Visitation Guidelines. Click here for what to expect at ChristianaCare during COVID-19.


FAQs about Delaware Branch Campus

If I chose “Delaware Option”, how would my 3rd year rotations be scheduled? Would I participate in the lottery?

Students selecting the Delaware option will be assigned to all third year rotations at the ChristianaCare in Delaware. Students would not need to participate in the lottery. All scheduling would be completed through ChristianaCare.

What about my 4th year? Will I be able to take all required 4th year courses in Delaware as well?

Yes, nearly all required fourth year courses are available in Delaware, as well as many electives and priority scheduling for rotations at the ChristianaCare. Students are not required to spend their entire 4th year with ChristianaCare and we encourage students to pursue away rotations for additional experience.

Will ChristianaCare be providing all the rotations? Are there other sites in Delaware?

Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Psychiatry, Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine are all provided by ChristianaCare. There will also be the opportunity for rotations to take place at local outpatient offices and alternate locations.

Will I still have the opportunity to rotate outside of Delaware if I were interested?

Yes, we realize students may want some exposure to other hospital systems for a variety of reasons. Therefore, during 4th year students are encouraged to seek out other rotation sites.

Will housing be provided?

No, housing is not provided. Students participating in the Delaware Branch Campus option would be able to move out of Philadelphia and live in Delaware where most (if not all) of their 3rd and 4th year rotations would take place. Delaware has a lot of very affordable housing within easy driving distance of any of the Delaware Hospitals. The Office of Academic Affairs at ChristianaCare will provide a housing guide based on the previous student and resident feedback to help aid in relocating.

Would I need a car if I participated in the Delaware option?

Yes, most likely you will need a car. Most of the rotations take place within the ChristianaCare. However, within ChristianaCare there are two hospitals as well as many other clinical care sites. Student rotations may take place occasionally at any site. In addition, there may be required activities at your home medical school that would require travel back to Philadelphia.

Will the Delaware campus provide any unique rotational experiences I should know about?

Yes, there are several unique opportunities for students choosing to participate in the Delaware option. For example:

  • Students will be able to enroll in the nationally recognized ChristianaCare quality improvement course.
  • There is an existing University of Delaware/Thomas Jefferson University MD-MBA program. Students can enroll in this program and have less distance to travel for any UD responsibilities.
  • Students will have the opportunity to participate in ChristianaCare evening education sessions, including simulated patient care activities.
  • Students will be offered a skill-based orientation in our Virtual Education and Simulation Training Center.
  • Students may undertake specific community projects with Bridging the Gaps, the minority and disparity programs of Delaware State University or other areas.
  • Students will be offered specific elective experiences in Geriatrics, Population Health and Informatics with experts at ChristianaCare, A.I. duPont and throughout the state.
  • Students choosing to do the Thomas Jefferson University MD-MPH program will be able to identify projects and mentors in Delaware for thesis or project study.

Will my graduation status or diploma change at all if I choose the Delaware option?

Students participating in the Delaware Branch Campus will be graduates of SKMC or PCOM without differentiation. All future documentation, including your diploma and Dean’s letter will be undistinguishable from any other Sidney Kimmel Medical College or Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine student.