Combined emergency medicine / internal medicine elective (4th year)

Christiana Care Health System, Departments of Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine offer a Combined Emergency Medicine / Internal Medicine elective rotation.

Combined Emergency Medicine / Internal Medicine Clerkship Rotation Dates for 2018-2019

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This fourth-year elective provides students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in a true combined EM/IM clinical experience. It is primarily an emergency medicine elective (please see details for the emergency medicine fourth year elective), that also gives exposure to internal medicine in both the outpatient and inpatient settings. Each week of the four week rotation is divided between both Christiana and Wilmington hospitals, with at least 10 shifts scheduled in the emergency departments. This amount of time allows students to get full emergency department standardized evaluations, which can be used for EM as well as EM/IM residency applications. Additionally, students are paired with upper level EM/IM residents to work at least three to four days on one of the inpatient units (MICU or medicine floor), and at least two half days in the outpatient setting. The EM/IM clinic at Wilmington hospital provides a unique perspective on caring for medically complex patients in an underserved urban setting. While the overall internal medicine exposure is not to the level of a full sub-internship, students definitely get a great feel for what it is like to be a combined EM/IM resident at Christiana Care Health System. There is daily interaction with EM/IM trained residents and faculty, as well as ample time spent with the EM/IM program director for input and feedback.

The Christiana Care EM/IM residency is one of the most long-standing and well established in the country. We have been graduating residents since 1996, and have a comprehensive and cohesive curriculum combining pathology, teaching, mentorship, and exceptional clinical skill. This rotation, the first of its kind in the country, has been fine-tuned over the last seven years, and is ideal for medical students interested in pursuing a combined residency in internal and emergency medicine.

A car is recommended for the rotation. Housing during the rotation may be available, if the student meets criteria established by Christiana Care.

Director Jason Nace, M.D., Assistant Program Director, EM/IM Residency Program
Student Coordinator Sherrill Mullenix: 302-733-1919,
Location Each week of the four week rotation is divided between Christiana and Wilmington hospitals, with the majority of the time spent in the emergency department, but also exposure to both inpatient and outpatient internal medicine.
Duration Four week elective for 4th year medical students.