Radiology Undergraduate Education

The radiology rotation will give students the opportunity to observe and participate in the daily operation of a large community hospital based radiology practice. Students will:

  • Gain increased familiarity with established diagnostic imaging pathways and protocols.
  • Learn basic interpretation skills in various imaging modalities.
    Become more familiar with diagnostic and therapeutic interventional radiology procedures.
  • Establish and reinforce strong cooperative working relationships between primary care physicians and radiology imaging consultants.

Students may participate in all areas of diagnostic imaging, including:

  • Emergency room radiology.
  • Inpatient and critical care imaging.
  • Cross-sectional imaging including CT, ultrasound and MRI.
  • Neuroradiology.
  • Angiography and interventional radiology.
  • G.l. fluoroscopy.
  • Mammography.

It is understood that certain medical students may want to focus their attention on specific specialty areas in radiology that may be more applicable to their future medical practice. Rotation schedules will be made flexible to accommodate specific needs in this regard with the approval of the director of the Radiology Residency Program.

Director Sara Gavenonis, M.D.
Student Coordinator Brittany L. Martin: 302-733-1795,
Location Christiana Hospital
Duration 2-4 weeks
Students Maximum 4 per block