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Our Symptom Monitoring & Virtual Care Program

Focusing on employee health to reduce anxiety.

Providing Support

Providing COVID-19 Resources and Support for Businesses and Their Employees.

For the protection of your valued employees, you can partner with ChristianaCare’s Center for Virtual Health for COVID-19 monitoring to focus on employee health and reduce anxiety.

How We can Help

Backed by a interdisciplinary team of experts, COVID-19 monitoring is managed by a Registered Nurse, so you can expect the same exceptional care that you would receive through any other ChristianaCare provider.

The program can help businesses support their employees by:

    • Reducing the need for in-person visits.
    • Monitoring daily health status.
    • Providing virtual care and testing options as directed by a provider.

    Learn More about the Center for Virtual Health

    The Center for Virtual Health is revolutionizing Health Care. We’ve turned health care upside-down to truly create new ways to care for our neighbors. Learn more.


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