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My New Career

Discover all you need to know about joining ChristianaCare.

New Employees

You are joining with more than 10,000 people to run one of the largest health care providers in the mid-Atlantic region.

As a highly valued member of our team, you have the opportunity to provide services to our neighbors throughout Delaware and portions of seven counties bordering the state in Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey.

It is our purpose to improve the health of our community — to help keep our neighbors healthy when they are well, and to help them get better when they are sick. We cannot achieve our mission without a focus on our core values of Caring, Excellence, Integrity, Leadership, Service and Teamwork. How you go about performing your work is just as important as the work itself. As a health care professional, we know that you will support your co-workers in meeting the needs of our patients.

At ChristianaCare, we follow a tradition of Focusing on Excellence and making ChristianaCare a Great Place to Work through the engagement of all our employees. Our Focus on Excellence is represented with our diamond, which is a symbol of our desire to be excellent in all aspects of our work. It is displayed throughout the system. We encourage you to become familiar with its facets and follow-up with your direct manager regarding any questions that you may have.

As we continue to make ChristianaCare a Great Place to Work, please let us know how we can support your needs. We encourage and welcome your ideas and feedback to help us to continuously improve and work together to better serve our patients.

Day One

Day One is held at the John H. Ammon Medical Education Center on the Christiana Hospital campus in Newark, Delaware.

  • 7:30 a.m. – Coffee and light refreshments provided.
Session 1 - The Christiana Way
  • Welcome.
  • The Patient Experience.
  • Patient Safety.
Lunch Break
  • 11:45 a.m. – Box lunch provided.
Session II - Essential "Need-to-Knows"
  • Security & Parking.
  • Employee Safety.
  • Infection Prevention.
Session III - Our Extaordinary People
  • Diversity & Inclusion.
  • Employee Relations.
  • Employee Health & Wellness.
  • Employee Benefits.
Session IV - Vital Needs Fair
  • Your chance to speak with representatives from the Benefits and Wellness departments, as well as other important organizations that serve the employees of ChristianaCare.
  • Coffee, juice, water, fruit, yogurt and bagels will be available at 7:30 a.m. and throughout the morning.
  • Lunch and beverages are provided.
  • Upon entering campus, follow signs to the B Lot and Day One parking.
Parking at Christiana Hospital

For Leaders

Welcome to ChristianaCare, where we are committed to “transformational change.” This type of change is not evolutionary; it does not occur in small, incremental steps.

It is intended to produce dramatic, breakthrough results through radical thinking and big changes. To reach our ambitious goals, every member of our leadership team must embrace and demonstrate certain leadership behaviors. Doing so will help us to make significant and sustainable changes in our processes to improve our patient outcomes and to meet the continual challenges placed on our health care system.

To prepare our leaders for this transformation, we have introduced the “Transforming Leadership” strategy. Our strategy goal is to grow our colleagues while providing practical processes and programs to ensure the identification, development, and inspiration of our current and future leaders to drive learning and transformation.

The key components of our strategy include:

  • Support our leaders in discovering their thinking styles – Introduction of Whole Brain Thinking-HBDI model for personal and team development for greater engagement and productivity.
  • Introduce a set of Leadership Behaviors expected of all leaders. The Leadership Behaviors provide direction for leaders to bring our Core Values to life in their daily work.
  • Introduce a Health Leadership Competency Model to drive excellence in leadership within ChristianaCare, as well as a 360º feedback process.
  • Offer leadership learning opportunities for all levels of leaders, professionals, and high-potentials, including developmental assignments, projects, lateral and/or promotional moves, and internal and external education.
  • Implement a targeted leadership education curriculum to address competency and skill gaps identified in the Leadership Behaviors self-assessment and Individual Leadership.
  • Development plans and the 360º feedback process, including leveraging the online Leadership Knowledge Center and other online and classroom education.
  • Create an internal coaching strategy to support leadership development. This will include the identification and education of internal coaches who will promote a culture of feedback and coaching.
  • Introduce Talent Reviews to identify high-potential colleagues and future leaders, so that appropriate developmental activities can be designed and provided for them.

ChristianaCare Leadership Behaviors bring our Core Values to life by defining the way we expect all our leaders (Vice Presidents, Directors, Physician Leaders and Managers) to carry out their roles on a consistent basis, and these behaviors are expected of all leaders.

There are five categories of Leadership Behaviors:

  • Develops People and Creates High Performance Teams.
  • Collaborates and Builds Relationships.
  • Enables Learning and Innovation.
  • Leads and Promotes Change.
  • Creates Value.

Strong leadership is at the heart of any organization’s transformation. To help our strong leaders further develop and to ensure consistency in our actions throughout our system, the Leadership Behaviors will be used as a benchmark in performance management and leadership development processes.

Our healthcare system is dedicated to being a learning organization, where your growth and development is valued and supported throughout your career.

As a new leader at ChristianaCare, we offer you development resources that will support your transition into your new role. We will also provide on-going development programs and resources to enable and enhance your continued growth.

Our New Leader Orientation program will enable you to learn about our system’s expectations of all leaders. Even if you’ve previously worked in a leadership role elsewhere, you will want to learn about our leadership approach at ChristianaCare. You’ll also learn about the many ways that ChristianaCare will support your growth and development as a leader. Our Frontline Leadership program, a 10 week (4 hour/week) program, will provide you with basic information, tools, and resources to support you in your new role.

As a ChristianaCare leader, you will also be invited to attend our quarterly “Leadership Forums.” At these forums, we explore ways to bring our Leadership Behaviors to life so that we can transform the way we do our work and achieve our mission.

In addition, ChristianaCare’s leaders have access to our online Leadership Knowledge Center. The Knowledge Center features topics and resources to support your leadership development, including selected books, self-study courses, learning road maps, and more.

If you have any questions about our Transforming Leadership strategy and resources, please contact Barbara Monegan, Leadership Development Manager, at 302-733-3293.

Thank you for choosing ChristianaCare as your choice of employer! We look forward to supporting your development needs throughout your leadership career here.

Important Phone Numbers

Department & Main Contact Numbers

HR Service Center
(For general Policy and Benefits questions)

302-327-5555 (within New Castle County)
866-849-8598 (outside of New Castle County)

Employee Health

302-733-1512 – Christiana Hospital
302-428-2285 – Wilmington Hospital

Nursing & Unit Clerk Orientation

What to expect for Nursing and Unit Clerk Orientation

Nursing Orientation Agenda

  • 0700 Registration & Welcome.
  • Nursing Shared Governance.
  • Care Delivery Model.
  • Break.
  • Nursing Portal.
  • Medication Calculation Assessment (**a calculator is available online but bring your own if you prefer).
  • Lunch.
  • Web-Based Education.
  • Break.
  • Safe Medication Processes.
  • Class Evaluation.
  • 1530 Close.
  • 0700 Registration & Welcome.
  • Powerchart (electronic patient record).
  • Lunch.
  • EMAR.
  • Class Evaluation.
  • 1530 Close.
ChristianaCare’s Appearance Standard

As a health care provider, ChristianaCare desires to portray an image that instills a sense of confidence, security and professionalism to those who have entrusted their care to us and to those with whom we work. Each employee is a representative of ChristianaCare and presents an image of the organization to those we serve. Therefore, standards of appearance have been established to ensure that employees present the appropriate corporate image. Although you may work in a non-public area, at times you will have interaction in public areas in the view of patients and other customers. Each department may establish additional guidelines based on the specific needs of their department.

  • Clothing is to be professional in appearance – no tears, rips or holes.
  • Dresses or skirts no more than 3 inches above the knee.
  • Shoes clean and polished, if applicable.
  • Hair kept neat and clean.
  • Facial or other body piercing jewelry (other than modest earrings, no more than 2 per earlobe) is not permitted while on duty.

Unacceptable attire/appearance:

  • Jeans of any sort.
  • Sweat shirts or sweat pants.
  • T-shirts.
  • Hats of any kind (while inside).
  • Leggings or other inappropriate form-fitting attire.
  • Cropped tops or low-cut shirts that expose the midriff.
  • Lettering or messages on clothing.
  • Shirts not tucked in.

    ChristianaCare’s appearance standards address personal hygiene as well as the avoidance of odors that may impact our patients such as strong perfumes, cologne and the odor of tobacco. Employees who do smoke should take necessary precautions to avoid the odor of tobacco or smoke residue while at work.

      For the health of our patients and employees, ChristianaCare is a smoke free work place. Smoking is NOT permitted in any ChristianaCare facility, on any ChristianaCare campus (this includes in your car in our parking lot) or on an employee’s work time. ChristianaCare does not require that employees quit smoking, however does not permit smoking or the use of chewing tobacco as noted above. Smoking cessation resources are available to employees who would like to quit. Employees who do not wish to quit smoking are encouraged to develop strategies to remain smoke free throughout their work day.


        • Beverages (coffee, tea, water, juice, sodas) are available for purchase at the eCafe or in the vending area of the Education Center.
        • Meals are available for purchase through the cafeteria or coffee shops. A microwave is available in the cafeteria. No refrigerator is available.
        • A lactation lounge is on site.
        Parking at Christiana Hospital
        • Please plan on arriving to the Christiana Hospital campus by 0640 to allow adequate time to arrive at the Education Center by 0700.
        • Park in Lot D or Lot F.
        • Follow the signs from the parking lot into the building, and upstairs to the registration desk and auditorium.

        In the event of severe weather, listen to one of the following radio stations to find out if orientation will be canceled: WJBR (99.5 FM); WSTW (93.7 FM); WDEL (1150 AM); WILM (1450 AM); WNRK (1260 AM) or call 302-733-5366. If New Employee Orientation is canceled, contact your department manager for further instructions.

        Employees should call their nurse manager st to inform them if they will be absent from Nursing Orientation. If employees do not yet know the phone number of their nurse manager, then they should call 302-733-1000 and ask the operator to transfer them to their department to speak with their manager.

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