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Weight Care and Management


Personalized Weight-Loss Program

Fit4Life Program

Fit4Life is a 12-week personalized weight-loss program for anyone interested in developing healthy habits that last a lifetime. We offer individualized eating and exercise plans, behavior modification coaching and weekly monitoring.

At your first appointment, your registered dietitian will assess your medical, family, social, diet history and will work with you to develop a nutritionally adequate plan based on your preferences and lifestyle. Weekly visits with your dietitian focus on identifying goals and overcoming barriers to reaching them. We help you strategize to overcome the challenges of a difficult food environment. Fitness is highly encouraged as part of a healthy lifestyle, and participants will have the option of developing a customized exercise plan with an exercise physiologist.

Our Fit4Life program offers weight loss solutions tailored to each individual.  It is perfect for anyone who wants personal attention and flexible scheduling in their weight-management program.

In addition to the 12-week Fit4Life program, we offer individualized plans utilizing meal replacement with pharmaceutical grade products, Numetra, or FDA approved weight loss medications.


For those who have completed Fit4Life, Medical Weight Management or a Weight Smart Program who would like additional support to maintain your goal, an exclusive nutritional counseling program has been designed to help patients continue their journey to a healthy lifestyle.

Four individual sessions with your registered dietitian include:

  • An initial 45-minute appointment.
  • Three 15-minute follow-up appointments scheduled over one to three months.

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We can help you achieve permanent weight loss and reduce your risk for obesity-related illnesses.
It’s never too late to start improving what and how you eat. Whether you are at risk for a chronic disease or simply motivated to learn how to eat for a healthy life, improving your dietary habits can make a difference in the way you feel.

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