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Optimal Health



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At ChristianaCare, we strive to be a top performer for everyone we serve. We focus on achieving Optimal Health by providing high-value care and relationship-centered approaches to create healthier communities and to help everyone we serve achieve their personal health goals.

We make patient safety a top priority as we aim for zero preventable patient harm in our hospitals and outpatient practices. And we are focused on standardizing care to optimize health outcomes for some of our most challenging populations, including those with diabetes, COPD, heart failure, hypertension and substance-use disorder.

We are reimagining primary care as the foundation for a new regional model of health care that aims to achieve improvement in health outcomes, cost of care and the patient experience.

We’re on a mission to be more than a great health care system — we’re becoming a system that truly impacts health.

We are exploring innovative methods of delivering care through the launch of a Virtual Primary Care practice for employees, spouses and adult dependents with medical coverage at ChristianaCare.

To achieve Optimal Health requires that we become experts in collecting and analyzing data, and then putting it to best use to focus our activity and ensure that what we do has value.

We are using predictive analytics to identify the potential for adverse health events before they occur in patients. Our goal is to improve the quality of both outpatient and bedside care and, in many cases, eliminate the need for lengthy hospitalizations.

Patient having a scan at hospital