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Kicking diabetes in the pants


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Kicking diabetes in the pants

Thomas Vernon has struggled with his weight for much of his life, but that changed significantly as a result of his partnership with ChristianaCare’s Metabolic Health Services team. The retired accountant lost 66 pounds in 7 months and dropped his body mass index (BMI) almost ten points.

Vernon has Type 2 diabetes, and he knows that his condition puts him at higher risk for kidney disease, neurological problems and damage to his blood vessels. He’s on a personal mission to make lifestyle changes so that he can reduce his need for insulin and reduce his risk factors.

In recent months, with the encouragement of Amy B. Wachter, M.D., clinical leader of ChristianaCare’s Endocrinology Practice, he has cut his insulin usage in half and kept in close contact with clinicians who monitor the efficacy of such changes.

“I applaud Mr. Vernon for staying so engaged with us,” said Dr Wachter. She said that if his progress continues, he may be able to stop taking insulin altogether.