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Quality and Safety



When every second counts, count on our elite stroke team


ChristianaCare earns top ratings in quality and patient safety

Doctor and patient shaking hands

When every second counts, count on our elite stroke team

Through exceptional teamwork and intense training, ChristianaCare’s interdisciplinary stroke team averages 10 minutes faster than the nationally recommended door-to-needle standard for delivering clot-busting medication to treat ischemic stroke. Patients who suffer a stroke anywhere in Delaware receive optimal care, thanks to consultation and critical care transport among hospitals statewide.

ChristianaCare’s nationally acclaimed stroke program made all the difference for Kathi Brown of Middletown, a 65-year-old fitness enthusiast who became ill during a session with her personal trainer. Recognizing signs of a stroke, the trainer called 911. Within minutes, Brown was rushed to the Emergency Department at Christiana Hospital.

“I don’t remember much about that day, but I do remember the team there waiting for me and how quickly and efficiently everyone moved,” Brown said. “Not one minute was wasted. They were very precise and knew what they were doing.”

Delaware's Comprehensive Stroke Center