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Designing effective, affordable systems of care


Curiosity is a hallmark value across ChristianaCare.

We continually look for ways to innovate, for ways to fulfil our promise to seek new knowledge for the love of health. Our innovative approaches to care and transformational research drive lasting change in patients’ lives and propel science’s understanding and treatment of disease.

Advancing hope for lung cancer patients

In a giant step toward improving the lives of lung cancer patients, in spring 2019 ChristianaCare’s Gene Editing Institute announced that it would seek approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to advance a clinical trial using CRISPR genome editing to improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy for treating K-ras-positive non-small-cell lung cancer. The disease is resistant to chemotherapy, and this landmark research may help prevent resistance.

Wired care for our caregivers

As health care professionals, we understand that to be fully available to patients we must be physically and emotionally healthy ourselves. ChristianaCare’s new Virtual Primary Care Practice for our caregivers and their spouses enables them to connect with a health care provider via a smartphone, tablet or personal computer, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week instead of making in-person appointment in a doctor’s office. As of November 2019, the practice has seen more than 1,000 visits and sent more than 14,000 secure messages via the patient engagement platform Twistle.

New moms, text us your numbers

An innovative pilot technology project is helping postpartum women with hypertension avoid hospital readmission. The Twistle digital tool prompts participating women to measure their blood pressure and submit readings to clinicians through secure text transfer. The intervention is part of a portfolio of programs addressing disproportionately higher hospital readmissions among African-American mothers.

Experts at heart

Our hearts are full of love for our patients, and two recently opened facilities enable us to better serve their heart and vascular needs. Christiana Hospital’s new Hybrid Operating Room combines surgery and advanced imaging systems in one state-of-the-artspace. The facility is part of the Gerret and Tatiana Copeland Heart & Vascular Interventional Suites.

Wilmington Hospital’s new Cardiology Care Unit offers excellent cardiac care. The new nine-bed suite provides care for a range of cardiac conditions, including heart failure, reducing the need for transfers to Christiana Hospital.


Health records in hand

Our smartphones hold a lot of life’s details — contacts, conversations, work files, financial accounts — so it only makes sense that our health records join the list. ChristianaCare supports Health Records on iPhone, an encrypted and highly secure Apple Health app offering patients a view of medical records from multiple providers. The technology makes all available medical information, including allergies, conditions, immunizations, lab results, medications, procedures and vitals, available on demand.

Health Records on iPhone puts the ownership of health records where it belongs – with the patient.

Randy Gaboriault, MS

Chief Digital and Information Officer

Tablet is mightier than pen

ChristanaCare’s CritiTrac iOS application, which supports real-time documentation during a Code Blue emergency, received national recognition with a FutureEdge 50 Award from IDG’s CIO. A Code Blue is when a hospital care team rapidly responds to resuscitate a person in cardiac arrest. Developed at ChristianaCare’s Health & Technology Innovation Center, the iPad app is designed to reduce variability, better coordinate care delivery and improve data collection during Code Blue events.

Getting ready for chemo — virtually

In October 2018, our virtual reality positive distraction therapy earned the prestigious 2018 Magnet Prize for calming patients’ stress by visually transporting them from the chemotherapy suite to beautiful locales far away. This year, the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center & Research Institute is focusing the technology closer to home. Our oncology nurses are using virtual reality to educate patients about what to expect during chemotherapy. A short video walks patients through all points in the process, from the waiting room to blood tests to the pharmacy to treatment. The tool is the centerpiece of a clinical trial that’s testing its effects on patient anxiety and self-efficacy going into treatment. Radiation oncology is also developing a similar trial using the technology for patients receiving radiation treatment.