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Quality & Safety

Serving with excellence


ChristianaCare never rests in our pursuit of excellence — exceptional today, we want to be even better tomorrow.

This ethos is what inspires our search for new knowledge and continuous improvement. It’s what drives our widely recognized quality and safety.

Excellence acknowledged, again!

Our reputation for excellent quality, service and value to our community reaches nationwide. In its 2020 Report to the Nation, Healthgrades, a leading online resource for information about hospitals and physicians, named ChristianaCare one of the nation’s 100 best health systems for general, joint and spine surgery and gastrointestinal care. It was the fourth consecutive year we’ve earned 100 Best Hospitals distinction.

U.S. News. & World Report’s 2019 Best Hospitals ranked us in the top 1% of more than 4,500 hospitals nationwide. For the third consecutive year, we were one of only 29 hospitals to achieve the highest ratings in every common condition or procedure — a record just 13 other hospitals have achieved. We’re also ranked best hospital in Delaware and No. 3 among the region’s 90-plus hospitals.

*Ranked among the TOP 1% in:

  • Colon and Lung Cancer Surgery
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  • Heart Failure
  • Heart Bypass and Aortic Valve Surgery
  • Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair
  • Knee and Hip Replacement

*Based on Healthgrades, 2019 America’s Best Hospitals™ Annual Report.


11% decrease in overall antibiotic use at Christiana and Wilmington hospitals in 5 years

Smart use of antibiotics

Antibiotics are great, except when they’re not. To combat overuse of antibiotics in cases where they’ll do no good — or may even do harm — ChristianaCare’s Antimicrobial Stewardship Program continuously promotes smart and effective use of the medications. The program’s intensive multifaceted effort over the past five years has led to an 11% decrease in overall antibiotic use at Christiana and Wilmington hospitals.

Team tackling pressure injuries

Exemplifying our commitment to continuous improvement, ChristianaCare HomeHealth has developed a successful approach to preventing pressure injuries for home health patients. Using a combination of evidence-based tactics — including conducting regular skin assessments, employing the Braden Scale risk prediction tool, repositioning patients every two hours and bringing in more occupational therapists — HomeHealth achieved a 68% decrease in pressure injuries last year.

68% decrease in pressure injuries using new approach


Why do we aim for excellence? FOR THE LOVE OF HEALTHTM

Winning at reducing heart failure admissions

To reduce heart failure readmissions, our new Heart Failure Readmission Reduction Program entails a daily multidisciplinary review of patients with the highest readmission risk and a discharge bridge clinic that closely monitors medication use. Overall, 30-day, all-cause readmissions for patients with heart failure as a primary diagnosis is trending downward.

Seeing new ways to control diabetes

Two new pilot initiatives are proving promising for helping patients — and the primary care practices who serve them — manage diabetes. Retinal screenings with cameras provided by ChristianaCare at four primary care practices provide radical convenience for patients and support detection of early loss of sight caused by diabetes. And a diabetic registry at four other primary care sites helps practices identify and reach patients with uncontrolled blood sugars, while also enabling ChristianaCare’s Primary Care and Endocrinology departments to collaborate on serving patients together.

Point-of-care retinal cameras

  • Increased screenings in 3 of 4 pilot sites
  • Nearly 20% of exams revealed abnormalities
  • More than 70% of patients with retinopathy had mild severity

Proactive engagement by caregiver and provider engagement in the four pilot sites increased A1c control from 62% to 76%*
*Source: Diabetes Register

Partnering for predictable, affordable medications

To help alleviate drug shortages, ChristianaCare’s new partnership with the nonprofit Civica Rx is helping maintain regular supplies of essential generic drugs. Civica Rx is an innovative, collaborative initiative with a mission to reduce costs and increase supply chain stability and predictability for many vital generic medications.

Civica Rx was established in 2018 by three philanthropies and seven health care systems which, like ChristianaCare, have experienced firsthand the impact of generic drug shortages, such as the national shortage of saline in the wake of Hurricane Maria in 2017.

In mom’s arms instead of the NICU

For the health of our tiniest patients and peace-of-mind for the families who love them, ChristianaCare’s new Triple I to Manage Early-Onset Sepsis (TIME) clinical pathway uses an evidence-based sepsis risk calculator to reduce admissions to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for full-term babies. Before implementing the TIME pathway, 100% of newborns at-risk for early-onset sepsis went to the NICU. Now more than 75% of at-risk newborns have critical bonding time with their moms instead of going to the NICU.