Swank Memory Care Center

About Swank Memory Care Center

The Swank Memory Care Center at Christiana Care is Delaware’s first and only comprehensive outpatient office for patients with memory disorders and their families.

Our geriatricians, geriatric psychiatrist, nurse practitioner, social worker, community educator and medical and administrative assistant work closely with primary care providers and additional specialists such as neurologists and neuropsychologists to develop an optimal plan for care.

The Swank Memory Care Center is a collaborative care program of Christiana Care’s departments of Medicine, Family & Community Medicine and Psychiatry.

“The Swank Memory Care Center stands alone. It is the only place that was there for not only the patient, but was a constant source of support for the caregiver and family.”
– A grateful caregiver

Services provided at the Swank Memory Care Center

  • Initial history and other screening assessments are performed on-site. A full battery of assessments is available to help us understand a patient’s cognitive, functional, and behavioral status.
  • We offer help with scheduling appointments and consultations with local neurologists, psychiatrists and other behavioral health specialists.
  • A physician, social worker, and community educator evaluate patients and caregivers, incorporating input from other members of the treatment team as part of each visit.
  • Caregiver support is provided, including caregiver training and resource referrals.
  • The treatment team communicates with each patient’s primary care providers and other caregivers to ensure coordination of care.
  • For interested individuals, referral to clinical trials may be an option.

Resources to learn more about local clinical trials

Swank Memory Care Center
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