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Swank Center for Memory Care
and Geriatric Consultation

Geriatrics Consult Program

ChristianaCare’s Geriatrics Consult Program can help you better understand, adjust to and embrace the physical and mental changes associated with aging. If you are over 65 or are caring for someone who is over 65, consider making an appointment with our geriatric assessment team for a comprehensive checkup that will help you plan for your best health during this stage of life. The assessment is covered by Medicare and most insurance plans, and no referral is required.

A geriatric assessment by a board-certified geriatrician (a doctor who specializes in geriatric medicine) and other health professionals who specialize in caring for the elderly provides your doctors with an overall picture of your health. Your assessment will look not only at your physical health, but also your psychological health and social well being. Your assessment will also include:

  • A detailed review of your medications to look for possible side effects or drug interactions.
  • Detection and evaluation of common age-related psychological problems, including memory loss and depression.
  • Assessment of your support network, especially if you live alone. This may include recommendations regarding support services such as home nursing care, meal delivery, personal and household services or even assisted living, which may ease some of the challenges of aging.
  • Referrals to any services that may be helpful to you, based on the results of the assessment.

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Time to ask questions

Seniors and their caregivers appreciate this opportunity to spend time with the doctor asking questions and discussing any number of issues relating to aging. ChristianaCare’s geriatric team believes that communication is key to helping all involved learn about and appropriately address any challenges affecting the senior patient.

Keeping your doctor informed

A geriatric assessment is not intended to replace your relationship with your primary care doctor. Instead, it is a service to enhance the care that your doctor provides. To ensure continuity of care and open communication, ChristianaCare’s geriatric specialists will provide a complete report of the physical and psychosocial assessment to your primary-care doctor. Together, your doctor and the geriatrician will consult on recommended approaches to addressing any challenges that you may have.

Care for the caregiver

The challenges of aging affect those who care for seniors, too. In fact, many caregivers develop physical and emotional problems because of the stress they are under while taking care of their loved ones. If caring for a senior is taking its toll on you, please call us today to learn about resources available to help you.