Health Care Transformation

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a ChristianaCare Health Guide?
    ChristianaCare Health Guides offer free support to patients who need help making appointments with doctors and dentists; connections to community resources, financial assistance and prescription assistance; and help with health insurance and Medicaid. Health Guides can help connect you with health care services so you can have regular check-ups and visits to a doctor’s office when you are sick.
  2. How can I get an appointment with a ChristianaCare Health Guide?
    To make a free appointment with a Health Guide, call 302-320-6586 or email Health Guides are located at Christiana Hospitals and Wilmington Hospital and offer services at ChristianaCare’s school-based health centers.
  3. What should I bring to an appointment with a Health Guide?
    1. Your driver’s license or government ID card.
    2. If you do not have an ID, bring a utility bill proving residence.
    3. Birth dates of those needing insurance coverage.
    4. Social Security numbers of those needing insurance coverage.
    5. Paystubs, W-2 forms or other information about your family’s income.
  4. Can a ChristianaCare Health Guide help me enroll for Medicaid?
    Yes, a Health Guide can assist you in completing a Medicaid application.
  5. Can a ChristianaCare Health Guide help me enroll in health insurance through the Affordable Care Act?
    A Health Guide can refer you to partner organizations that can help you with your health insurance options under the Affordable Care Act.
  6. Are there any prescription programs for uninsured patients?
    Yes, there are prescription programs available to patients who need assistance. A Health Guide can connect you to ChristianaCare’s Pharmacy Program and to pharmacies and stores that offer discounted prescriptions.
  7. Why did I receive a bill from ChristianaCare and a separate bill from the doctor?
    If you received services from a specialist or service provider other than ChristianaCare, you will receive a separate bill from that provider. Please call the telephone number printed on the bill if you have any questions.
  8. What do I do when I receive a bill?
    You are financially responsible for all bills provided to you. Please call the number on the bill first. If it’s a ChristianaCare bill, Health Guides may be able to connect you to financial services for help.