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Aline Stant, MSN, RN

Living Donor Coordinator

Aline Stant, MSN, is the Living Donor Coordinator for the Kidney Transplant Program.

Aline has an extensive history caring for patients with kidney disease. She began her nursing career attending Helene Fuld School of Nursing in Camden, NJ. She then worked on a Medical Surgery Floor at West Jersey Hospital for two years before starting her 30 year career at ChristianaCare Health Systems. Aline worked for two years in the ICU at the Delaware Division of the Medical Center of Delaware, now known as ChristianaCare. She began caring for kidney patients in 1981 as a Dialysis Nurse at the Delaware Division. She then worked as a dialysis nurse at Brandywine Dialysis Center, the first outpatient dialysis center in the state. She returned to dialysis at Christiana Hospital in 1985, where she worked as a dialysis nurse for several years before she became the Staff Development Specialist for more than 10 years. From 2002 to 2006 she was the Nurse Manager of the ChristianaCare Dialysis Unit.

When the kidney transplant program at ChristianaCare opened in 2006, she transitioned to our team as a pre-transplant kidney transplant coordinator. The past 4 years, Aline served our patients and team as the Clinical Manager and Quality Assurance Performance Improvement (QAPI) Manager, before transitioning to her part-time role as living donor coordinator.

Aline attended a three year diploma school right out of high school. She then continued her education and graduated with a BSN in 1996 and an MSN in 2006 from Wilmington University.

During her years of working with and caring for patients with kidney disease, Aline has developed and taught many educational programs. She developed the CRRT program at ChristianaCare along with Dr. Robert Dressler and spoke at the International CRRT Conference in San Diego California.