All visitors are required to wear masks.

For COVID-19 safety, all visitors to ChristianaCare facilities and services are required to wear masks. This includes visitors who are vaccinated. Please read our visitor guidelines before arrival.

Masks required at outpatient locations; visitors and support persons limited

All visitors at outpatient locations must be masked in alignment with the masking guidelines on our visitation policy page here. Patients at ChristianaCare’s outpatient services are advised to come to their appointments alone unless a support person is absolutely needed. If a support person is needed, such as a parent, guardian or spokesperson, we highly encourage that the support person be vaccinated. Outpatient practices are not requiring vaccination or a negative COVID test for visitors at this time.

All hospital visitors required to be vaccinated or have a negative COVID-19 test.

  • Inpatients in our Christiana, Wilmington and Union hospitals may have one visitor daily between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. The visitor must be 16 or older.
  • Patients having outpatient surgery may have one support person accompany them. Support persons must be 16 or older.
  • All visitors and surgical support people must show proof of vaccination OR a negative COVID-19 test within the prior 72 hours.

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Visit or for local vaccination and testing sites.



Course Description

During this rotation, which will take place on the inpatient unit of the CCHS Wilmington Hospital, an acute inpatient psychiatric unit with 30 beds, the student will have the opportunity to have primary responsibility for his or her patients and will round every day with the attending physician. The student will learn to manage patients from a biopsychosocial perspective. Students learn to perform complete psychiatric assessments with attention to underlying comorbid medical conditions. Students will be taught to generate a differential diagnosis, propose and institute a thorough patient evaluation, and develop a plan of treatment all under the supervision of the attending psychiatrist.

As members of a multi-modal and multi-disciplinary treatment team, students learn the importance of collaboration in patient care. Students participate in group and family therapy sessions, as well as active learning in psychotherapy modules. The student should be able to communicate with patients and families about the psychiatric condition under treatment and the plan of care as outlined by the attending physician. Appropriate communication of clinical data to both patients and staff is emphasized. During supervision, students develop and implement a plan for study, reading, and research of selected topics that promote personal and professional growth and be able to demonstrate successful use of the literature in dealing with patients. During this elective, the student will gain an understanding of the socioeconomic, cultural, and managerial factors inherent in providing cost-effective care.

During the daily activity on the unit, the student will be responsible for the initial evaluation for the patients assigned by the unit attending, and would then review the findings, impressions and orders with the attending physician. The student will be responsible for the subsequent treatment and discharge planning of the patients admitted under his/her care, under close supervision from the unit attending. The unit embraces the bio-psychosocial model as well as the multidisciplinary treatment team approach. Students participate in a weekly faculty-led patient interview and case conference. Students will thereby enhance their diagnostic and treatment skills as well as their abilities to assume a leadership role within the multidisciplinary treatment team.

Expectations and Responsibilities

The student rotation in inpatient psychiatry will take place at the inpatient psychiatric unit of the Wilmington Hospital. The assignment is a continuation of the inpatient work of the junior clerkship, but at a higher level of responsibility. Broad exposure to serious psychiatric disorders is provided. The inpatient service also treats psychiatric patients with significant medical/surgical comorbidities and will allow opportunities for the student to gain knowledge in the differential diagnosis and treatment of these patients.

I. Patient care

Students will be involved in direct patient care with a case load of 2-3 patients.

II. Medical knowledge

Students will conduct a complete history and mental status examination, will gain experience in formulating a DSM-V differential diagnosis and in developing and implementing a treatment plan, including prescribing psychopharmacology.

III. Practice-based learning and improvement

Students are expected to review the relevant clinical literature throughout the elective and to incorporate concepts into their clinical experience.

IV. Interpersonal and communication skills

Students will develop communication skills required for team work, working with families of patients, as well as with different hospital teams and consultants.

V. Professionalism

Students will be expected to demonstrate appropriate professional demeanor, work ethics, and respect for patients and their confidentiality.

VI. System-based practice

Students will work with outside agencies and practitioners related to continuity of care of the patients they follow.

Unique Attributes

Students will be a part of the weekly resident didactic sessions held on Tuesday afternoons. Students will also attend bi-weekly Journal Clubs and Grand Rounds. Students will be provided with the journal article that will be discussed that week and participate in analysis and discussion of the weekly topics.

Block Dates

All Dates


2 or 4 weeks

Offered to

4th year

Available Spots

1-2 spots

Application or Eligibility Requirements

Students who wish to complete an inpatient rotation must apply via the UME application located on the ChristianaCare website. Students must provide their Step/Level 1 USMLE/COMLEX scores for their application to be considered.


Only students from LCME or AOA accredited institutions. No international students.


Inpatient Locked Psychiatric Unit

Location and Facilities

Wilmington Hospital


Typical hours: 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday. No weekends required.

Parking and Transportation

A car is recommended for this rotation or reliable transportation to/from Christiana Hospital. Parking Garage construction will limit parking availability. Students will be required to park at Christiana Hospital and shuttle over the Wilmington Hospital.

Dress Code

  • Professional attire is required in clinical and patient care settings.
  • White coats should be worn, and students must always have their school ID and ChristianaCare ID visible.

Clerkship Directors

Mustafa Mufti, MD

Clerkship Coordinator

Kimberly Pauls