Visitor Restrictions Due to Flu (Restricción de visitantes durante la temporada de Influenza)

General Hospital Visitation

Visitors Limited to Age 16 or Older

As a safety precaution during peak flu season, we are temporarily restricting visitors to age 16 or older for hospital visitation.

NICU Visitor Restriction

As a safety precaution during peak flu season, we are temporarily restricting visitors to our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Visitors are limited to Parents, Designee or Grandparents.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.



Restricción de visitantes durante la temporada de Influenza (flu)

Visitas limitadas a personas de 16 años en adelante

Como medida de seguridad durante la temporada de alta incidencia de influenza (flu), estamos restringiendo de manera provisional las visitas a personas de 16 años en adelante.


Restricciones Para Visitantes al NICU

Debido a la temporada de influenza (flu)

Las visitas seran limitadas a padres, apoderado o abuelos

Como una medida de precaución durante la temporada alta de influenza (flu) temporalmente estamos restringiendo los visitantes a nuestra Unidad de Cuidados Intensivos Neonatales.

Gracias por su comprensión y su cooperación.


Our Promise to Our Community

The News Journal has published a new story revisiting the incident that took place at Wilmington Hospital in February. The incident described is not reflective of Christiana Care’s values of serving our neighbors with respect and dignity.

Violence of any kind — whether directed at patients, at staff or at each other — has no place in health care. At Christiana Care, we are committed to an environment where every person is treated fairly and compassionately.

Our Public Safety personnel perform an important role in maintaining a safe and secure environment for our patients, visitors and staff. Safety is our priority. If you have concerns about a public safety experience at Christiana Care, we encourage you to call Patient Relations at 302-733-1340, or use our Contact Us form.

The experiences of our community members have helped to inform some of the positive changes we’ve made to ensure every patient and visitor is treated with respect and dignity.

Specifically, we took swift and immediate action and terminated the constables involved in the February incident and their leaders.  We are in the process of hiring new leadership, and a new Captain position has been developed to enhance oversight of daily operations. There is ongoing training with Public Safety on de-escalation procedures, signs and symptoms of medical conditions, as well as resilience training with an outside consultant.

We have also been meeting with community representatives at Wilmington Hospital and in their communities to discuss important topics affecting our community, including safety, violence and the prevalence of addiction. We thank our community partners for their shared interest in the health and safety of our neighbors. We look forward to continued dialogue with the community we serve. We are committed to working together to advance the health, safety and wellbeing of our community with compassion, respect and dignity.

Our extraordinary people help save lives every day — there is no more important work. At Christiana Care, we are committed to serving you, our neighbors, as respectful, expert, caring partners in your health.

Janice E. Nevin, M.D., MPH
President and CEO
Christiana Care Health System

Doneene K. Damon, Esquire
Chair of the Board of Directors
Christiana Care Health System

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