Caring for Yourself

Life with a new baby is wonderful, but it can also be unpredictable and demanding – making it difficult for you to look after your own needs and emotional wellness. We are here to help.

New Mom's Sexual Health

After giving birth, you may find yourself with sexual difficulties or changes in how your body responds to sex. It’s generally recommended to wait at least six weeks before resuming a sex life, but even then you may experience issues with tenderness, dryness and pain. Some women use lubricants and moisturizers to help with this.

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Our Advice

Having sex while you are bleeding raises your chances of getting an infection. Remember, you will need to use some type of birth control if you do not want to become pregnant again.

Breastfeeding is not effective for birth control even if you have not gotten a period. If you have any questions about sexual health after giving birth, please talk to a medical professional. For more information on sexual health, please visit (link to sexual health page).