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Comprehensive Stroke Center ChristianaCare

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At ChristianaCare, our multi-disciplinary Neurosciences team includes experts specially trained in the diagnosis, management, treatment and prevention of neurovascular illnesses.
The service line includes programs for:

With a dedicated Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit, a Transitional Neuro Unit, Stroke Treatment and Recovery Unit and an outpatient neurology practice, teams of highly trained experts are able to handle neurological concerns across the care continuum and work directly with patients and families to develop comprehensive care plans.

Comprehensive Stroke Care

Christiana Hospital is a Comprehensive Stroke Center certified by The Joint Commission and the American Heart Association /American Stroke Association. Our team provides the around-the-clock medical expertise and infrastructure needed to treat more than 1,700 stroke cases a year, as well as the most advanced neuro-interventional surgery for minimally invasive treatment of aneurysms, strokes and other conditions affecting the brain and spine that were once only treatable through open surgery.

We collaborate with emergency responders and community physicians to support optimal health and an exceptional experience in treating stroke patients throughout the continuum of care, and we partner with patients, families and the community through outreach to ensure stroke awareness and education before a crisis occurs.