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Cirugía reconstructiva y cirugía de reconstrucción mamaria

En ChristianaCare, ofrecemos opciones quirúrgicas avanzadas para pacientes que necesitan cirugía plástica y reconstructiva. El objetivo principal de nuestros cirujanos plásticos y reconstructivos es restaurar el aspecto, la forma y la función. Nuestro equipo ofrece tratamiento quirúrgico reconstructivo individualizado a pacientes con cáncer, lesiones traumáticas y afecciones congénitas. Estos procedimientos innovadores que cambian la vida ayudan a que las pacientes vuelvan a sentirse enteras.

Nuestros cirujanos plásticos colaboran con equipos multidisciplinarios para proporcionar a los pacientes una atención compleja de la más alta calidad.

Equipo de atención

Dr. Stephanie Caterson

Dr. Stephanie Caterson brings her extensive microsurgery experience and passion for breast reconstruction to ChristianaCare, where she developed the Center for Breast Reconstruction to be able to offer breast reconstruction to our community based on the individual goals and needs of each patient. 

Offering innovative surgical techniques at the time of breast cancer diagnosis helps the patient look and feel restored when treatment is over. Dr. Caterson specializes in microsurgical flap reconstruction using skin, fat, blood vessels and sometimes muscle from other parts of the body to reconstruct one or both breasts lost in cancer treatment.  These advanced flap techniques are offered to our patients along with numerous other implant based procedures. To date, Dr. Caterson has performed breast reconstruction on thousands of patients with more than 1,500 of those being microsurgical flap procedures.

Stephanie Caterson
Dr. Dorothy Bird

Dr. Dorothy Bird joined the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery team expanding the microsurgical flap reconstruction program here at ChristianaCare. With the primary goal of restoring aesthetics, form and function, Dr. Bird offers individualized reconstructive surgical treatment regimens to patients with cancer, traumatic injury and congenital conditions. These innovative, life-changing procedures help the patient return to their lives feeling whole again. Dr. Bird is an expert microsurgeon who will offer not only state-of-the-art breast reconstruction, but also head and neck reconstruction, limb/orthopedic reconstruction, complex wound reconstruction (traumatic or chronic), and lymphatic reconstruction.

Irfan Rhemtulla M.D, M.S.

Irfan Rhemtulla M.D, M.S. is the newest surgeon to the reconstructive plastic team, who has dedicated training in microvascular surgery. He specializes in reconstruction of the entire body after life-altering events such as cancer and trauma. His interests lie in extremity reconstruction, limb salvage, breast cancer reconstruction, sarcoma reconstruction and trunk reconstruction.

He is a member of many professional societies including the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery. Dr. Rhemtulla has also published over 20 peer reviewed articles and has had his work selected to be presented at several national and international conferences.Our team of compassionate Advanced Practice Clinicians understands the profound impact that a new cancer diagnosis or life-changing trauma can have to not only the patient, but also to their loved ones. Kerry is a highly accomplished physician assistant with 17 years of well-rounded experience including management of breast cancer and breast reconstruction patients. Kerry is also trained in state-of-the art professional nipple and areola 3-D tattooing techniques. John joins the team with over nine years of concentrated operating experience and surgical care. He has received many academic awards and is adjunct teaching faculty at Drexel University. Lisa comes to us with extensive experience in the fields of dermatology and plastic surgery, having previously practiced in both inpatient and outpatient settings. This along with her graduate training in clinical counseling gives her a unique perspective to each individual patient. Together, they help guide their patients toward the best possible solution.

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