Junior Board Cause

Due to the constraints of COVID-19, we are suspending our in-person event this year, but continuing on with our fundraising endeavor, as it has become more important than ever for those in need.

The Junior Board of ChristianaCare [hyperlink] has designated this year’s JB Cause funds to help ChristianaCare’s Primary Care & Community Medicine Service Line in its initiatives to expand access to address the needs of those dealing with everyday hardships.

The focus on this service line is critical, especially during the pandemic, when the role of Primary Care & Community Medicine has never been more important in helping to reach the most vulnerable among us.

Please contribute to the 2020 JB Cause event to help ensure everyone in the community has access to the right care, at the right place and at the right time.

Today, advances in healthcare are helping many people lead healthier lives. Unfortunately, research has also shown that access to quality healthcare, including awareness and advancements related to early screening and intervention, may not be experienced equally across all communities. To address this the Junior Board of ChristianaCare has selected ChristianaCare’s Primary Care and Community Medicine as the recipient of the 2020 JB Cause fundraising endeavor (formerly “The Medicine Ball”).

JB Cause is the only fundraising activity in which the Junior Board invites you, the community, to join us in supporting access for all. This year, in lieu of our scheduled event, we invite you to join us in contributing toward this vital effort to secure care for those who need it most.

100% of your donation will go directly to the program.

To make a gift to the 2020 JB Cause event, please share your contact information.