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Behavioral Health

Project Recovery

The Project Recovery team offers professional outpatient treatment.

What is Project Recovery?

If addiction has a grip on you or a loved one, you don’t need to fight it on your own. The Project Recovery team offers professional outpatient treatment for substance use, with no judgment, only support. We can be the lifeline that you need during difficult times.

Your team will include a psychiatrist, counselor and social worker, who will meet with you to perform a complete assessment of your health and your substance use concern.

Then together they will develop a comprehensive treatment plan that can put you on the path to a substance-free life.

A Project Recovery team member discussing a substance abuse treatment plan with a patient

The services we offer are:

  • Individual, group and family therapy.
  • Medication-assisted treatment.
  • Your own case manager, who will make sure you have the resources you need to get well.
  • Smoking cessation programs.
  • Crisis support.
  • Ongoing consultation and coordination with your doctor or other providers, as part of our team approach to care.

If you need help recovering from substance use, e-mail us at projectrecovery@christianacare.org or call us at 302-320-9650. We accept insurance and use a sliding fee scale.

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Project Recovery

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