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For Patients

We Ask Because We Care

We are committed to ensuring all patients receive the very best care.


About We Ask Because We Care

At ChristianaCare, we ask all of our patients questions about their identities. This information is kept confidential – we ask these questions to make sure that every patient receives the best care possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

We collect this information to make sure that all patients receive quality care!

Understanding the race, ethnicity, language needs, sexual orientation, and gender identity of our patients allows us to better understand the populations ChristianaCare serves, as well as allowing us to offer more culturally responsive care that focuses on the patient's specific needs.

Collecting this information from all patients also allows us to make sure that all of our patients are being receiving quality health care.

This information is kept private within your electronic health record.

You can contact our team at culture@christianacare.org.

That is okay! You are allowed to decline to answer any of these questions - it is REQUIRED that our caregivers ask you this information, you are not required to answer if you do not feel comfortable.

What Questions Will I Be Asked?

  • In what language would you best understand your doctors and nurses?
  • Do you describe yourself as Hispanic/Latino or Not Hispanic/Latino?
  • Which of the following would best describe your race?
  • Which of the following best describes your gender identity?
  • What sex is listed on your original birth certificate?
  • What gender is on your state ID?

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