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Christiana Care's Pulmonary Function Laboratory

When you can’t breathe easily, ChristianaCare's Pulmonary Function Laboratory helps your doctor figure out why and how we can help.

Why Choose ChristianaCare?

ChristianaCare is recognized by the American Association for Respiratory Care as a Quality Respiratory Care institution. Only about 15 percent of hospitals nationwide earn this award for relying on specially-trained therapists to deliver respiratory services and following other national standards recommended by the association.

Your doctor can order our lab to perform a variety of tests to evaluate your respiratory system.

These tests are used to:

    • Determine lung health.
    • Diagnose and monitor the progression of lung conditions and diseases, including shortness of breath, asthma and lung cancer.
    • Assess readiness for surgery.
    • Monitor side effects of radiation therapy or drug therapy.
    • Verify effectiveness of treatment for lung disease.
    • Determine level of disability.
    • Enter a pulmonary rehabilitation program.

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