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Video visits, telephone visits and other virtual care.

Convenient Connections

ChristianaCare wants to connect you with your providers in ways that are easy, accessible and convenient. In the comfort of your own home, while you’re at work, or anywhere else, our providers are here for you when you need them. It’s important that you do not delay care when it comes to your wellbeing.

At ChristianaCare, “telehealth” means many things, including video visits, telephone visits and other virtual care. You can use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to connect with your providers virtually, or you can use a telephone for voice calls. All connections are secure and HIPAA compliant.

Frequently Asked Questions

When a virtual visit is appropriate for your care needs, we have developed the following Frequently Asked Questions:

Telehealth at ChristianaCare allows you to have easy access to manage your health and see your providers through real-time video and audio appointments using your mobile device or computer.

ChristianaCare cares about your privacy. Your virtual health visit will be completed using technology that works with our secure electronic medical record or is certified to be secure.  This service also follows HIPAA guidelines.

You will need the following to get started with your Telehealth visit.

  • A ChristianaCare Patient Portal account (If you do not have a Patient Portal account, self-enroll at christianacare.org/myhealth). Having this account allows you to communicate with your care team virtually.
  • A well-charged Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop with a webcam and strong WiFi signal.
  • Speakers or Headphones
  • We highly recommend users to download the ChristianaCare Patient Portal App from the Google Play and Apple application stores. If you are unable to use a mobile device, you may access the Patient Portal website.
  • Log in to your Patient Portal profile
  • Scroll to the Appointments section
  • Click on the Appointment heading. When you are closer to your appointment time, an option of Join Now will appear.
  • Click Join Now.
  • A pop-up screen for consent to treat will appear. Click Agree to move forward with your appointment.

If this is your first visit, you may have to allow the app access to your microphone and camera. You must tap “Allow” or “OK” to join. When you join, you may see “connecting’ until your provider joins the visit.

Your provider will be able to treat common health problems, like allergies, asthma, common colds, urinary tract infections, rashes and more with Telehealth. Your provider will decide based on your visit if more information is needed, such as a physical exam, lab work, or another specialty visit.

Enrolling yourself in the portal will only work if ChristianaCare can match specific details that you enter to your medical record. If you are unable to enroll, please call (302) 320-6852 and select option 1, Monday thru Friday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm. Or send an email to MyHealth@ChristianaCare.org and someone will follow-up with you.

In the state of Delaware, most licensed healthcare professionals are eligible to provide virtual health.  Note that some providers may not yet have the technology available to provide virtual health. Please check with your provider to see if they offer telehealth.

Telemedicine refers specifically to the real-time treatment of a medical condition without seeing the patient in person, using tools such as live video visits.

Virtual health refers to all the different ways health care providers interact with patients remotely.  This includes things like live video visits, as well as responding to questions that you may have, or checking things like your heart rate or blood pressure digitally.

Yes.  In the state of Delaware, telehealth visits are billed the same way as regular visits.  Your usual co-pay applies to a virtual visits just as it does for an in person visit.

Virtual visit times may vary as you and your provider are getting used to using new technology.  They should be around the same length as an in-person visit, or perhaps even a little bit shorter.

In the state of Delaware, prescriptions can be written during a virtual visit.  Please note that other states may have different rules and regulations.

Interpreter support is available for video visits. When you schedule your appointment, please let someone from your care team know if you need an interpreter.

Download the Patient Portal

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