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Caring For Yourself

Emotional Wellness

Life with a new baby is wonderful, but it can also be unpredictable.

Caring For Yourself

Life with a new baby is wonderful, but it can also be unpredictable and demanding – making it hard for you to look after your own needs and emotional wellness. We are here to help.

Emotional Wellness

Adjusting to the birth of your baby can be very challenging. 1 in 5 Women will experience a perinatal mood and anxiety disorder. It is the #1 complication to childbirth and can occur during pregnancy and up to a year after you have your baby. Common signs and symptoms are listed below. You do not have to experience all these symptoms to seek help.

  • Difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much.
  • Anxiety and worry that goes on longer than 2 weeks.
  • Feeling panicky or having panic attacks.
  • Feeling guilty or worthless or Feeling you are not a good enough mother.
  • Sadness/crying frequently.
  • Loss of interest in things you used to enjoy.
  • Excessive irritability.
  • Racing, or scary thoughts.
  • Fear of being left alone with the baby.
  • Lack of positive feelings about being a mom or toward your baby.

These disorders are treatable, and with support you will recover. The sooner you get help the sooner you will feel better.

ChristianaCare offers support to women suffering with these disorders and offers a comprehensive program available to you during pregnancy and after delivery. We encourage you to talk with your OB provider to discuss the services that might be best for you.

Psychologist Malina Spirito discusses ChristianaCare's Center for Women's Emotional Wellness.

Our Services

The Center for Women’s Emotional Wellness is a multidisciplinary team of experts from psychiatry, psychology, nursing and social work who are specially trained and skilled in treating perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.

Many patients will need a combination of treatment and can include some or all of the following services:

  • Individual and family counseling.
  • Medication evaluation and treatment.
  • Working with your doctor to plan the best care for you.
  • Free support groups for new mothers.
  • Group therapy to learn new skills, like Mindfulness.
  • Referrals to supportive services.

To contact the Center for Women’s Emotional Wellness please call 302-733-6662.

If you feel you pose an immediate danger to yourself, your baby or others, please call 911 or immediately go to the emergency room of Wilmington Hospital or Christiana Hospital.
You also may call ChristianaCare’s 24-hour Crisis Line on 302-320-2118.

Use the link to see all providers for your specific needs.

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