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Cancer Research

Breast Cancer Research Program

Working on cutting-edge studies.

Research That Helps Beat Cancer

The mere thought of breast cancer strikes fear in every woman, regardless of race, culture or socioeconomic background. Even with ever-more promising treatment options, we can’t help but share the worry. Will it be me? Will her cancer come back? Can we ever truly stop worrying about breast cancer?

At ChristianaCare’s Helen F. Graham Cancer Center & Research Institute, doctors, nurses, scientists and community educators are working together through the Breast Cancer Research Program on cutting-edge studies to discover new and better ways to prevent breast cancer, find it earlier, treat it more effectively and improve both survival rates and quality of life. They are also working to determine why certain populations of women have higher rates of some types of cancer and why outcomes vary among different groups; to identify novel biomarkers that may help us understand who is most likely to get certain cancers or to have a recurrence; and to increase the number of minority women who participate in promising translational research studies.

This multidisciplinary team of experts — including leading scientific researchers from the University of Delaware and The Wistar Institute in Philadelphia — translates discoveries newly made in the lab into tests and treatments that improve the lives of women facing breast cancer. From a revolutionary blood screening test with the potential to determine whether cancer is present and likely to spread, to targeted therapies to improve survival outcomes and decrease chemotherapy side effects for women with triple negative breast cancer, to developing new treatments for aggressive breast cancers, the Breast Cancer Research Program is harnessing new technologies and leading-edge advances to advance the science of breast cancer medicine.

The innovative partnerships made possible by ChristianaCare’s Breast Cancer Research Program ensure that cutting-edge diagnostic tools, treatments and services are accessible to every woman in Delaware. We are also building partnerships with community leaders and those with first-hand knowledge of breast cancer through the Community Research Advisory Board to help identify research opportunities that will directly impact the needs of our community and to promote the importance of breast health education and participation in clinical trials.

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Breast Cancer Research Program Members

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Community Research Advisory Board

ChristianaCare’s Community Research Advisory Board brings together breast cancer survivors.

Cutting-Edge Breast Cancer Research

Working side-by-side, physicians and scientific researchers from ChristianaCare’s Cawley Center for Translational Cancer Research.

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