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Diabetes Care

Diabetes Primary Care

Dedicated to helping you manage your diabetes.

Supporting Your Doctor

ChristianaCare supports your primary care doctor through its diabetes primary care services program. In the program, our certified diabetes educators offer educational support that complements your primary care doctor’s medical and educational goals for your diabetes. Our individual and group education sessions are ideal if you have recently been diagnosed with diabetes or if you haven’t had previous diabetes education.

Education to Help You Live Successfully with Diabetes

As part of our program, we offer an American Diabetes Association approved diabetes self-management class, Living with Diabetes, at convenient times and locations throughout Delaware.

We also offer individualized blood glucose monitor and insulin injection training within 48 hours of patient’s request for service.

Our education teaches you the essentials of successfully living with diabetes. You learn how to:

  • Control your blood sugar to minimize complications.
  • Plan meals and introduce proper nutrition into your daily life.
  • Check your blood sugar and use the results.
  • Use exercise to control your blood sugar.
  • Identify the most current and effective treatments and medications.
  • Set healthy goals for living with diabetes.
  • Manage stress.

The right care for your diabetes is critically important.

Expert and Convenient Care

Our team of expert registered nurses and registered dietitians dedicate themselves to helping you manage your diabetes. We offer programs at sites throughout Delaware, with morning, afternoon, evening, and Saturday group sessions available.

For more information, please call 302-661-3401.

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